the true pain of love

08 Dec

one of my most favourite movie; Message in a bottle, never fails to make me ‘feel’……

the emotions played are so strong, i can almost always feel my lower abdomen tugged everytime i watch the movie. i might not know all the lines like i do for TopGun, but, this movie always ends up with me curling in my bed hugging my pillow because it just takes so much strength go to through it…

it isnt the first time in writing abt this movie. my last post was about “yesterday and tomorrow“.

although the situation between when i wrote it then and now differs, i can still feel the strength of the emotion shown by kevin costner in the movie. a feeling so strong that it just doesnt let you go. a feeling so strong that you just cant betray it. a feeling so strong that you have to remind yourself to forget about it everyday.

perhaps its apt that im writing about this again. because just like in the movie, i’ve chosen tomorrow. and i hope i succeed instead of face defeat.

as scary as it was to decide to move on, there really isnt anything you can achieve by living in the past. that post was writted in april 2010.

its dec 2011. i can finally say, i am living for tomorrow.

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