the great november rush

02 Dec

So let’s see… where do i start. ive had about 6 posts that ive been wanting to write, but, the excitement of everything’s over and done with, so here’s a summary.

the O level exams started, but it was unusual that the sudden feeling of aimlessness didnt appear this time round. i had direction….

The staffroom went into a chaos with every one packing everything we ever had over the number of years. I didn’t know where to start. Contrary to what ppl (who have seen my table at its ugliest), think, I actually have a lot of care and concern for my table. Things that should be at certain places are always at certain places. Like my photographs. Or my collectables. Clearing my table proved to be somewhat easier than what other teachers had to go through. Me? The guideline was simple. If I haven’t used it in the past 6 years, I’ll probably never need it. So? Throw. Everything throw. That includes this stack of notes (most of which I hope I have in soft copy),

stuff I confiscated from students who kinda forgot I confiscated them,

as well as the many decorative items which (I felt) made my desk look unique – but it was time to ‘buang’.

Things I kept were of course the cards from students and colleagues. The little notes we wrote to each other to keep ourselves going.

My insect galore… 🙂

and a very valuable newsletter (in my opinion cos im crazy abt UGs right)….. funny thing is, 9 of these trs either not in KSS anymore or not in the CCA anymore. and the CCA thats suffered the most is SJAB. all 3 of us in this photo are gone. one in another sch. one not in the country. one not in the CCA. sigh…

On the same week of desk clearing in sch, I decided I needed to clear out my cupboard. 90% of my clothes went towards donation. Good thing that mom’s going to Indiafor a cousin’s wedding in feb. so she’s gonna give them out to the more needy families there.

cupboard’s so different now! 2 our of my 3 cupboards look like this now!

Things in my room were just so effective in gathering so much of dust, I had to clear them out. Notes from NUS, and very sadly, notes from JC and Sec sch.

Check out this Soper and Soper I kept for 12 years! My JC bio textbook!

I’m still not done with clearing the room. That’s what I’ll do in dec.

Apart from that, this month’s been busy with 3 overseas trips.

My first drive up north was a huge experience. My whole family went, I wouldn’t have dared to go up without my dad otherwise! And I swear, I felt like I was dozing off twice during the trip up from melaka to KL! It must have been the weirdest trip cos the planning of the trip went like this:

Dad: lets drive toMalaysia

Me: ok… to where? Do what?

Dad: don’t know.. you decide lah.

2 days before the trip

Me: stay in melaka/KL or go up Cameron?

Dad: whichever is longer.

The day before the trip (in sch)

Me: eh ppl!!!!! Tell me where to go? Dad wants to drive up toMalaysia!

Nat/YY/Fenny/Goony/Susie/etc: you can try this/why not/otherwise/maybe you can/etc…

Thanks goodness for these ppl!

I remember the night before the drive up, I was having SJAB ATC mtg and I had only booked accommodation for the first night the night before! The most rushed trip I had ever planned! And the longest ive ever driven!

saw 2 separate accidents on my way back. both incidents involved 3 singaporean cars. go figure.

The next week, I brought my mom up to Port Dickson by coach to stay one night at the water chalets, and….. haha…. Ive never seen my mom enjoying the feeling of nothing-to-do! It rained the first night so we stayed in. I was on the internet for most part of the time while my mom took the chance to read and read and read and read…….

(crap! cant locate my entire port dickson folder!)

The next morning, she sat at the beach so far out, the water till her shoulders, I was freaking out! But I’m glad I brought her on the trip. Ive not seen her smile so much. At least I made her smile.

Bro’s sudden need to clear his leave and his inability to clear it in dec made me join him in a trip to Krabi.

He stayed in Krabi, I took a 3 hr drive to Koh Lanta for my dive trip. All thanks to Steve for recommending an excellent dive centre! well…. That deserves a post on its own.

And hey, sunsets and beaches à that’s my kinda holiday!


On the last day of nov, I also got my test score…i hadnt sat in a exam condition for a long time. and it felt different hearing the invigilator read, “….. will be deemed as cheating or an attempt to cheat” i smiled to myself.

anyway, I am taking my test scores personally. I actually want to know why I scored THIS low for the writing section! My speaking section went wonderfully! If I had spoken like that for my Oral Exams, I might have gotten an A2 for English! So wonderful that the examiner ended up agreeing with what I said, nodding her head. I think I inspired her! Ahem… *cough*

so, now that means i got to go ahead with plans for 2012. thats right after the sjab atc.

now for the hard part of nov.

it became November just a few days after I knew the results of my application. Working out the handing over of SJAB has been a major major major concern. To the point that I came up with a calendar of what-do-to. The officers and sncos who’ve been around long enough have spent so much time and effort on building SJAB. I really really really do not want to see KSJ crumble. That will be a major waste! So, that’s one.

explaining to students abt 2012 has been…. Hmmm…. (I cant think of a descriptive word now)

I wanted to tell a number of ppl personally, but alas, news spread and ppl got to know. Would have loved to tell my babies and some of the other alumni personally…. But, you know how wildfires spread. And what’s worse is that I am one out of the 12. TWELVE is BIG news!

To be honest, as I talk to them abt one of the trigger factors, suddenly it feels like all the good things ive experienced just overshadows the trigger factors. And I know students make it all worth the while. And I am 2-ways with regards to my feelings now. Its like saying that one would forgive all the mistakes a dying person has made. Well…. It feels like it doesn’t matter what the trigger factors were, I still wish I was teaching. But hey… I am pursuing my long term dream and maybe those uncertainties are also making me feel I wish I was still in my comfort zone.

The dive masters/instructors ive met during my recent trip are ppl who are really mobile. They spend one season in Thailand, one season in bali, another season in Egypt. They travel to wherever they feel like and spend 6mths or more there. Im not born into such a culture, so I wouldn’t know how the ‘no-permanent-home’ system works. But I mean, their girlfriends/boyfriends are with them. So in that sense, they do have a ‘family’… I don’t think im ready for the ‘no-permanent-home’ system… maybe the next generation or the next next generation. But, I do kinda envy these ppl. Some of them have been instructors for the past 10 years and love the sport all the same. They are not proud divers (who show off with all their bla bla bla). They genuinely enjoy and help others to enjoy. They don’t need to be tied down with many things. They enjoy their lives, they aren’t criminals, they lead happy lives (from what I gather. Personal displeasures are not for acquaintances to know, right)

Hmmm… to think that I have to find such time to write! 37000 feet up in the sky on the way back to Singapore. (posted on land cos air no wifi)

Alrighty, back to work now!

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