a day of ineffectiveness

25 Nov

slept early last night, woke up at 5+ this morning and sneezed my way till 10pm… ineffective day? understatement.

i ate. i slept. i played rummikub. watched tv. ate. slept. scrolled FB like a million times. tv. ate. slept. ate. and am still hungry.

i have a bunch of things i need to settle by 7am tmr! once again, my adrenaline is not working very well. must be my high temperature that killed my hormones! i ended up video hunting on youtube and wasn’t very successful.

you see, long long ago in 2009, i saw this Bharathanatayam dance for the song Katrodu Kuzhalin Nadamae during Navarathri. i tried to search for a choreographed/danced version of the song, to no avail. the original dance in that movie did the song ZERO justice.

the dance for margazhi thingal was also nice. as usual, the original dance in that movie did the song no justice.

another one of my fav songs for the Bharathanatayam dance is Om Nama Shivaya.

there was this Bharathanatayam Dance program where the closing sequence was a dance by this man and woman, doing a slow dance mimicking Shivan and Shakti. the synchronicity of it was splendid. mom and i used to watch the closing sequence every single week without fail. ive been trying to find that dance for the longest decade, and still cannot find it…

to learn this traditional indian dance was one of my childhood dreams. mom slotted me into indian singing class instead, and i must have failed badly cos although i can hear/recognise tones, i am absolutely tone-dumb!! i did learn the veenai though. beginner stage. dont think im musically gifted like some of the others. or maybe im not desperate enough to do-or-die with music literacy.

anyway, ive been meaning to blog abt so many things, they are all in my draft-box. dont know why i havent been in the mood. paper work in sch with regards to my 2012 plans are still pending and i’m really not sure what my decision is.

past 11pm and, i havent even started on what i needed to accomplish today. so tonight’s gonna be a marathon! 75% of it will go to SJAB admin duties and the rest are miscellaneous which must still be settled by 3pm tmr. i hope i stay awake through this mild fever/sneeze fest. and wake up (recovered) in time for tomorrow’s open house.

and then after that, head down to mudflats to train new volunteers for the nationwide population and distribution survey and consensus in march next year. (kinda wish i will be around then. i did the survey once in 2009, and i would have loved to do the survey this time round as well. too bad.) after that, gather for dinner cum meeting to discuss research projects.

which will leave me with a few hrs to pack for the trip! its amazing how you can get so efficient at packing stuff after a while. just pop in a couple of clothes, dump in the toiletries bag, a jacket and slippers, and you are ready to go. after a while, you just keep one corner of your room for travel stuff. haha..

ppl have been asking what im busy with. as usual…… there’s just all the end of year + plan for 2012 things to settle. i really should learn to delegate. thats what bosses do, dont they. but…… haiz….. anyway, just a couple more weeks. will push on!

anyway, for the original soundtrack of the first song i mentioned, here it is.

im off to work! im determined to live through saturday and make it to sunday!

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