National Education 101: Deepavali Special

25 Oct

1) Deepavali is not Tamil New Year. Tamil New Year is celebrated on the 14th of April each year, and no it is not a public holiday because not all Indians celebrate Tamil New Year.

2) Deepavali is a Hindu Festival, not an Indian festival. (yes, there are Indians who dont celebrate Deepavali, most commonly because they are either Muslims or Christians/Catholics)

3) Indian describes a race whereas Hindu describes a religion.

4) Indians can be from various religious groups such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, bla bla bla, or even free thinkers. Hindus can be from different races, eg: Chinese Hindus, Eurasian Hindus, etc.

5) Tamil describes a language. Not a race nor a religion. (though in the Indian community, we often use in another context, classifying the subgroup of the community by asking for the class of language such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, etc)

Let’s look at how race, language and religion can be used in sentences.

For example, “this Eurasian man spoke in Tamil.” In this context, the word Eurasian describes his race, and the work Tamil describes the language.

Another example, “this Indian man celebrates Hari Raya”. In this context, the word Indian once again describes his race and the word Hari Raya implies that he’s a Muslim.”

PS: no pun intended. 🙂

Enjoy the holiday tomorrow (except the O and A level kiddos, please study instead! you can have all the holidays you want after your exams!)

To all Hindus, Happy Deepavali!!!! Enjoy!!!

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