and so it comes down to this…

21 Oct

1) monday is O level English. many of us are finally getting a breather. we ran like mad for the last lap, panting and still going on, thinking that we were going to collapse and still going on, starting to see spots and still going on. and believe me, boy was it hard for both the students and teachers. but we managed to get there. i had this countdown thing on my hp….

well, O level sci pract finished yesterday. and now O level english is starting. one by one, the grad class teachers are going to be relinquished of their duties. and so it comes down to this. 2 weeks of O levels, and then prom and then goodbye to yet another batch of kids. whom im sure will become really great ppl someday. 🙂

2) i was looking through my photographs on my hp. and this one was 18 days ahead of the start of Os (which is 24th oct).

you know how some subjects can be taught it chapters/compartments. well, for many subjects though, the chapters are just a fragment of the big picture. during one night study, i drew this diagram for them, and they were shocked that i could merge DNA with digestion and circulatory system all in a single concept diagram.

hmmm… i was shocked that they still saw it as 3 different chapters. blood connects all parts of the body.. digestion releases the soluble food substances that travel in the blood that connects all parts of the body. and these soluble food substances are then assimilated when the respective cells require the soluble food substances, for example, when making new proteins.

so you see, some subjects just have to be learnt at a whole, but because we have to teach section by section, sometimes students tend to think that the chapters arent linked. but they are. and i always LOVE to see that expression on their face when they finally ‘get it’. 😀 i hope they did. 🙂

3) at some in term 3, i also took this photo of a post it pad containing the stuff i decided to write down to remind myself… after cancelling most of it, i still havent done some.


the year is ending and at today’s mtg, they gave us the dates for the CCA AAR, CCD AAR, EOY AAR and staff mtg dates. for the rest of the year (i think. i wasnt paying full attention. ;p) and i havent even done some of this yet… my table is in an absolute mess now. but i havent done anything to it yet cos i dont think its going to make much of a difference. the whole system of things is so messy now, that i hardly get time to sit down at my table.

its all in a day’s work. but you know what, we are all packing our belongings soon cos we’re having a reno for the staffroom. so in the end, it doesnt matter. throw all those documents you thought you’d use, but hadn’t used in half a decade. so many times when teachers clean up their place, they find students’ work dating to 10 yrs back… haha… i better get rid of things soon!

4) we went to a nursing home today. i hate going to nursing homes/old folk homes because it makes me feel really guilty abt what im (not) doing for my parents. i forgot abt that, and chose to still go for it, instead of a scenic walk through hortpark.

an indian lady i was speaking to drew this.

some others were playing ‘fishing’ games. tears welled up a few times and all i could think abt was me feeling really scared that my mom would one day be like one of them.

their thought processes reduced. asked to draw, and a pre-schooler drawing emerges from the white board. the kind of birds i used to draw in primary 1 art class. the kind of tree, the same kind of front porch, the walkway and the sun. it feels horrible to reach that state. i wouldnt send my mom to a elderly home. while i myself think that i wouldnt think much of putting myself into one, i still wont want that to happen to my mom. i hope she stays healthy forever. forever. forever.

and yet it comes down to this in the end. we will probably reach that stage one day where we have to wear adult diapers. where we have to be restrained on a wheel chair cos otherwise we’ll topple over. where staff nurses have to clap excitedly when we fix a jigsaw puzzle…….. when that day comes, i hope i’ll be able to take things positively. and that is why living life to the fullest means alot.

5) the email ive been waiting for the whole year has finally arrived. and when i feel like saying what it is, i’ll tell the whole world. but for now, ive got a gazillion things running through my mind. fear, apprehension, excitement, thrilled, $$$$$$$. im going to breathe my concerns out tonight. tomorrow, i’ll start working things out. stepping out of my comfort zone. but that is what it has come down to. realising my dreams to live my life.

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