nature enthusiasts gather at 3rd BioD Symposium

18 Oct

the third Biodiversity Symposium happened at NUS on almost a month ago.

it was my first time being surrounded by so many ppl who were all experts in their field… it was an amazing sharing session with many experienced people sharing what they knew. as nostalgic as it was going back to NUS, i actually really enjoyed the short 10-min straight to the point presentations we had throughout the day!

Ria’s to-the-point presentation was so impactful, no one could say there was no marine life in singapore. you can hear her presentation here, at 24 minutes into the video.

I CANT WAIT FOR THE NATUAL HISTORY MUSEUM TO OPEN!!!! singapore’s very own! 🙂 the presentation on the natural history museum can be heard here. its the first 10 mins of the video.

and there were many other presentations that were to informative. the coral spawning presenter’s ‘sex and the sea’ was also can hear the presentation here, at 25 minutes into the video.

the presentation on the new eco-link linking the central catchment area to bt timah great and we learnt about the effects of fragmentation. we learnt of plans for sungei buloh (i had mixed thoughts abt that though…)

the dialogue sessions after each segment of presentations were really really good. people asked questions, many people answered each others questions with an aim to share ideas and clear misconceptions. but what struck me the most was that there really really was a lack of importance given to TRUE biodiversity lessons in schools. the gap is too wide and between primary schools where biod is introduced and university.

seemingly, this symposium was brought together within a couple of months. but so beneficial it was, there were so many questions raised by ppl who genuinely wanted to know more / make a difference.

new knowledge gained, new ideas forged, new possibilities of collaborations.

after the end, we had 2 ppl who came up to me to ask abt volunteering and collaborating with us on the horseshoe crab project. perhaps that is why presentations are so important. it allows different interest groups to know where the others are doing. spark off more interest and ideas and they can work together. it is so interesting how sharing of information can interest potential collaborators and ppl who can give ideas on how to further improve a project. im glad i presented. and i was really pleasantly encouraged. 🙂

got to commend NParks and NUS on setting up the third biodiversity symposium.

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