back home at 11 and am doing some reading.

29 Sep

ive been trying to follow the bukom fires and im wishing i had real time updates, but it seems the only source i can refer to is my friend whose husband is on standby for activation for fire fighting at bukom. it seems there might be 8 casualties as of 11plus…. and media’s report is only till 7pm…

an oil refinery on fire. how do you even stop that?

  • i tried to google to find the latest news, and ended up at stomp (which i rarely read, and now realise there’s alot of paparazzi news) where i saw this article about students trying to suffocate each other. for whatsoever reason this gets them excited, if the sch/parents dont get to the root cause of them having such an interest, this could potentially develop them into psychopathic serial rapists/killers/sadists who will crave for more and more gruesome ways of getting excited.
  • also came across this article on SIM’s orientation games where the ice-breaker games seemed too ….. shall i say….. against appropriate male-female sexuality?

alot of orientation programs do encourage activities to increase the comfort level of both genders, but this is way too out of line i would say…

on NEA’s website, they have put up tropical storm/typhoon warning with this chart.

it might be a sumatra squall. and that means major rain clouds, really fast winds, and very heavy rain. thats a deadly combination.

if you were a destitute under a weather like that…. imagine the agony.

i did want to find a video on a squall in singapore, but ended up finding this time-lapse video of a thunderstorm instead.

  • the boat crashing- mersing incident has got my dad more worried abt my future dive trips. i mean, road accidents happen everyday too… so. but still, adrift for over 20 hours is a sick feeling when in the water. i remember when we were bobbing on the water waiting for our boat to appear and the waves were coming in. there’s no words to say how scary it’ll be if there were no boats nearby, at night, when you cant see anything clearly apart from lights from afar that you cant distinguish, and worst part is, you dont even have a BCD. i hope they find the other 2 ppl asap.
  • on other news, im wondering how hiring more dolphins care takers would help the dolphins feel less constrained in the marine theme park in RWS. how? somebody explain to me how more trainers care-takers will be able to substitute the lack of social interactions of dozens of dolpins of the same pod in the wild. or how that can substitute the distances they can swim at such speeds. or their natural instinctive hunting-feeding habits. how? someone please explain. worse still, Mastercard is giving discounts for RWS. now i need to stop using Mastercard, and i dont have any VISA card. i must spend some time this sat to write to Mastercard.
  • on a related note, IM SERIOUSLY EXCITED to meet Ric O’Barry next tuesday! totally excited, that it can probably overdo the fact that my students’ N level maths paper 1 would end just hours before before the dialogue. :DDDDDDDD there’s NO WAY im gonna miss this!
  • i have also yet to post about my thought on the Biodiversity Symposium. Ive started on it, but havent had the time to pen my reflection. but honestly, it was a really informative session and with so many new collaborations formed, i’m really happy i went for it! ive not written the paper for the NSS conference in oct either. thats in 2 weeks time and i only have 2 sundays to get the paper done. argh!
anyway, it’s 1230am now and its been a really long day with lesson ending at 1. and IP coaching from 130-330, 330-500, 600-800, followed by 20minutes of rest/sleep and work until 2245. i did bring home a stack of practical worksheets that i was supposed to mark, but, im really tired and i think ive worked enough to enjoy some well deserved sleep dont ya think…
goodnight world. and i really pray the bukom fires will be put off. i really do.
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