12m deeper at Dayang

18 Sep

i can hardly believe that it was only last weekend that i went back to dayang again. ha… its been a long week, and i cant deny that ive been wishing i was back on an island again! Dayang again though, would probably become boring.. but still, it was lovely..

the familiar cookhouse

and the lovely coconut trees

i was nervous before my first dive, but got used to it once i was in the water. before our 3rd dive, rain clouds started appearing. wet and windy = bad combination! it was sooooo cold, we hugged ourselves! of course, those who smoked, smoked…. urgh!

lucky the winds cleared the clouds and before long, we were back underwater. one of the interesting parts of the advanced dive course is the night dive. i did bring my cam down. and yep, i didnt manage to capture anything. haha…. but i must say it was an amazing experience. we turned off our flashlights. and imagine being suspended in complete darkness with no sense of direction or security! it was darn scary ok! but you know what, you swing your hands and what do you see? luminous plankton. seriously. i remember the experience, and im still smiling! 🙂

here’s a video of me attempting to capture that, but, nothing was recorded. gotta experience it on your own. lovely luminous green plankton. 🙂 lovely!

its a different experience when you are underwater. the sound of bubbles regulates your breathing as you glide along the sea bed. its a different world. one that sometimes i wish i didnt have to surface up to! haha… but then again, staying underwater too long got my skin crinkled up and peeling!

anyway, i was still experimenting with my cam and these are some of the pictures i loved. enjoy!

2 goby fishes

dogfish (i think)



giant clam

feather star


coral clams


fanworm (and the bright blue thing is a christmas tree worm)

my instructor with the batfish (alot of noise, but i love the angle)

and the rest of the photographs

marine worms

cushion star


seastar hiding under coral

fish going into hiding

nicely camouflaged fish

fishes i dont know

dont know what this is

sea cucumbers

egg cowrie

underwater plants

we had cleaner fish following us around…

check out the video!

what i miss most? the sound of bubbles underwater.

the leisurely finning underwater.

(and thats my instructor)

and waking up to this. 🙂

it was once again a fantastic experience. even though being in salt water for so long made my skin feel sticky and hair just impossible to handle, i still love it. and i cant wait for my next trip. now that i can dive to 30m and do night diving too, i cant wait to explore the underwater world! En is planning a trip in dec to derawan, and im considering joining him….. but errrr…… cant decide until i know my plan for next year. 🙂

till the next trip!

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