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09 Sep

a couple of articles were brought to my attention recently. one was an article by CNN on what teachers want to tell parents. i agree with most parts of the article. well, actually, i dont disagree with anything to be frank. ive been blessed to work with the parents i worked with over the past 5 yrs. my babies’ parents are so concerned abt their child that they are willing to listen and try and propose ideas. and we worked together so well. at the end of the 5 yr relationship, i actually wanted to write each parents a personal letter, together with a photo of their child at sec 1 and one at sec 5, stating how proud i was of them. of course, i didnt get round to it, and it’s too late to do anything now. but, its true. the child benefits the most when both parents and teachers work together.

along the same lines, a parent write in to question the rationale of setting exam papers. to be honest, when i start to set papers, i tell myself ‘kill ’em!!!” but hmmm…. in my defense, my questions arent out of syllabus. my bio qns connect different topics together. my aim is to get students to see that you cant learn bio by segregating the topics. everything is interconnected and thats the beauty in bio. one affects the other, etc. but till today, i just cant get students to understand that the reason why blood must reach all parts of our body is so that glucose and oxygen can be diffused across to all the cells for respiration to take place so that energy will be released for the cells to sustain their activities. cos if not, the cells will die, which means the tissues will die and eventually the organs die and there wont be ‘us’ anymore. (whats so hard to understand abt that?) of course, i tweak the question and asked why it was impt that there are coronary arteries going to the heart. one student got it correct. the rest? couldnt connect circulatory system to respiration to tissues/organs.

this other article mentions a jaywalker who caused a pile up along PIE. ive had 2 accidents since i started driving. one was my fault. the other wasnt. and might i add that i am still a little pumped up abt having heavy vehicles on my left side. thank God i didnt kill anyone. i recall telling my colleagues how freaked out i was abt driving, knowing that controlling a vehicle with my very own hands could possible cause the lives of others. till today, i tell myself, dont get complacent. to be honest, sometimes, you just want to go faster so that you reach your destination faster. when i told my then instructor that i find 60km/hr the most comfortable speed for me, he replied, “thats what you all will say now. but once you get comfortable, 100km/hr also not enough!”. you know what, thats true. but, impacting a person at that speed, ha…. its no joke. its a regret you wouldnt want to have. so….. it pays to be safe.

as i was charging my cam for my weekend trip, i realised i hadnt transferred photos from its internal memory. seeing them again, brought a huge smile! i cant wait to wake up to this sunrise again!

and i cant wait to hit the waters again!

but i need to study and i need to pass them my knowledge review tmr. tmr is gonna be a study session.

and it does feel like the more i read, the more inconfident i become of my ability to make it out alive again! this weekend, there are over 50 ppl. a little too many for my liking. so he asked whether i wanted to go for LOB instead. i told him, i wanted to finish this course first. well, so few ppl can fully understand the beauty of the underwater world. its not nearly as satisfying as walking through that tunnel at underwater world. watching sea turtles paddle by. fishes with magnificent colours follow you. corals of all sorts of formations. all the evolutionary marvels of the marine creatures that have so much history, far more than those on land…… i just feel so inadequate that i cant name the species! (crap! more things to study!)

september is still a month of nerve wrecking days, for reasons which i cant disclose yet. ive never felt this horrible abt a september before. haha… but i watched Soul Surfer today, and there’s this part where Carrie Underwood says, “so you see how hard it can be to make sense of things when you are looking at them, really close. the same thing’s true in life. so if you guys are dealing with anything thats just too hard to handle or doesnt seem to make much sense, get a new perspective.” well, new perspectives can be hard to accept once your mind is fixated on one thing. suddenly disappointments seem to become a way of life. but, you know what, we all live to wake up the next day because of something called hope.

when you look at such a place and realise, “there’s so much life in there. can you take it all up in one breath?”

when you look at such a place and realise, “the world didnt form up in a day or a week or a month.”

when you look at such a place and realise, “you will reach the end, but only if you never stop walking”

so, while we question ourselves now and then, all the whys and all the meanings to the whys, sometimes, its all abt just doing the best you can. that has to be the greatest dedication to yourself isnt it. because doing anything less just because you are angry with everyone else doesnt do you any justice. 🙂

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