Gunung Lambak

03 Sep

its been over 20 days since i went for my first mountain trekking trip. it was a small mountain, of course, i didnt dare to sign up for the bigger ones, not knowing MY stamina vs others’ stamina.

Gunung Lambak is a neighbourhood mountain in Kluang, Johore. with 2 summits totalling 1000m (i think), the climb was not too strenuous, not too dangerous, not too unmanagable – but yes, i still ended up with quite severe cramps in my thigh! unable to squat or cross my legs or go down stairs for a week! haha….

so we started our trek to the start point.

coming across a short waterfall (the focus of the pic is wrong, but still, i want to put it up!)

a huge insect nest on a tree..

in a jungle of course, we see our lovely friends (all of whom i call devils for reasons you might understand!)

passing through all the fierce long tailed macaques, we finally reached the entrance of the climb! woo hoo!!!

on the way to the summit, we saw this establishment…..

LH said it was like a flyingfox structure to transport logistics up for logging and stuff….

at the first summit, we sat down and rested! helped ourselves to the bunch of bananas that a couple brought! thats not all they brought! they carried with them 4 X 1.5l 100 plus bottles, 1 thermal container containing ice cubes (like wth right!), 1 portable chair for the wife to sit when she got tired (like in the mountains!!!!) and a few packets of cheezels. on top of all their medications and salonpas stickers, etc…. (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!) anyway, i enjoy the 1 banana they shared with me, so i shouldnt complain! (talk abt being prepared for jungle survival!)

anyway, here’s the view from the first summit..

while resting these are some shots i took..

grasshopper on fern

several dragonflies (and i lurve my dragonfly shots!)

some batman spider lookalike!

ants climbing out of their home.

halfway during our ascend to the second summit, it started raining…………. it felt like some adventure! climbing up a 30 degree slope with streams of water sliding down…. couldnt take any more photographs though! the 2nd summit was less interesting, but i was still really quite happy i made it to the top either way!

and then we climbed down………… by then, the rain started to subside….

at the end of it all, we had a scumptous meal at this restaurant… goodness, the food was oh-so-yummy!

it was a wonderful trip.we shared the info we knew abt certain jungle survival stuff and uses of some plants. LH asked if i had gone for jungle first aid course.. haha… that was the first time i ever heard of that! why not right…

LH, me and one other guy also went into this conversation abt why schools like to put their students through high rope elements course. of course, most UGs would have done that, as well as OBS/leadership courses. i did think that high ropes trains confidence. knowing that you are safeguarded and to get out there and complete the course does take courage and the confidence you get when you complete the course can be translated to real life. most of the time when you think you cant get through something (and you dont even try because you are just too afraid), well….. you’ll never know unless you take that first step. but of course, there are those who think its ok not to go through it cos it wouldnt matter much anyway. anyway, we had come good discussions during out climb.

my first official mountain climbing trip. with no proper pathways, we had to climb up and over roots, fallen branches, eroded slopes. and all of us being adults, we didnt need to follow just one straight route up. we explored the areas around us an chose which path was more managable. and i was glad i went for the more difficult tracks! it was a challenge, and i felt great clearing the tracks! and with more training, i think i’ll upgrade myself to taller mountains! 🙂 those where you have to stay over at base camp kind! yeah!!!

thanks to NSS for the trip! and to LH for bringing us up!

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