aspirations of students and teachers

19 Aug

the recent spate of mess in sch is leaving me kinda aimless and distracted. im with a lack of focus.

it was all fine, starting with the N level prelims. but then the mess of CT (which i thought would last till friday, but it didnt) and the start of O level prelims and the keying in of N level prelims results into cockpit and the submission of my O level prelim papers coupled with the marking of sec 1/3 CT and the start of intensive revision with 4NA (all within these 2 weeks) has really left me feeling lost.

somehow it feels like unless i have an urgent exam, nothing else is impt. i am falling back on all other non-student related admin work. haiz…. i really shouldnt be this rebellious. but to say that ive lost interest in adhereing to deadlines pertaining to anything non-student related would be an understatement.

what makes me really happy is seeing the kids feel satisfied with their results. the O level MTL results came out on thursday, and as many of us jumped to see the results at 10am, we heard complains abt some students not achieving their supposed targets. we also felt sheer joy at seeing some of the very hard working students get A1s.

in the end, what makes a teacher most happy is seeing her students motivated to aim high and work towards their targets and be a genuinely nice person who inspires others. so we were really happy for those who deserved the distinctions.

and for those who did put in your best effort and did achieve your targets, be it a distinction, or a pass, congratulations!! as long as your best satisfied you. 🙂

the N level exams are up next. and sometimes i wonder how the weaker students are going to make it through. i hope they do their best. and then, once again, it’ll be time for the O level results in jan. with ppl applying for DSAs and DPAs, the next phase of their lives will be yet another challenge. in fact, “the best is yet to be” 🙂

a new experience, new challenges, new friends with ppl from different sch cultures, the need to adapt to the non-spoon feeding educators (which is what educators should be like. but unfortunately, results mean so much to some ppl that we end up telling them things that they should rightfully be discovering.)

i saw my babies in limbang mac a couple of weeks ago on a saturday night. to say i was heart warmed is just the least of it. they’d have no idea how proud of them i was, hearing them say, “cher of course must study lah! we target GPA 4 you know! we want to go uni” these ppl aspire to make something out of their lives. i am genuinely proud of them. 😀 they are on track.

what else could be better when the students aspirations to become someone in life is actually on track/realised.

in the staffroom, we always say, “its as if we are the ones going for the exams!!!”  well, the teachers are working hard, just as hard as the students are. ultimately better results will benefit the students, giving them a wider range of courses they can consider. so i hope the students will continue to aspire, set dreams and goals to achieve and put in their best effort to realise their dreams.

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i wish this batch of graduating students all the best. no matter how tired we are, this is the time to push! we will make it through!

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  1. rtyecript

    August 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    I really liked this post, it’s a very cool blog!


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