things i do when i get a weekday off

10 Aug

1) need to get passport size photos

2) post reply to ICA (with passport photo)

3) send application for my PADI cert (with passport photo)

4) post cheque for my income tax

5) search my room for my ATM card/get a new ATM card

6) search my room for my sch keys

7) go to UOB and MAKE THEM CANCEL MY CASHPLUS ACCOUNT! (account still pending closure – for a few months already!)

8 ) go to UOB and reactivate my internet banking acc cos i locked myself out

9) go to bank and settle some bank finances

10) buy external hard disk cos my old 250GB HD has no more space!

11) go to sch and finish up my paper

12) go out with mom for deepavali shopping cos i hate the deepavali crowd

all in a day’s work.

ps: i didnt know how deprived i was of sleep until today. woke up at 1145am, after lunch, went back to room to sleep from 130pm to 5pm. watched the parade and then the silly gameshow and then tried to watch the YONEX badminton game, but fell asleep on the couch until now. and im still sleepy!

goodnight all!


Posted by on August 10, 2011 in i-Blabber, i-Typical


2 responses to “things i do when i get a weekday off

  1. Rising Sun

    August 15, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    You were on Thuluvathoo Ellamai! Wah!


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