when you believe, you will inspire

09 Aug

the sharing session by Dr Jane Goodall made me wonder why though i was passionate abt some things, it never managed to inspire others. how did she manage to inspire and why couldnt i spread the word… on sunday, i was with ACRES at the ‘Save the dolphins” campaign. the campaign finally managed to be at a place assessible for me, and on a date when i was available. so, i went.

RWS’s capture and containment of 27 wild dolphins has already resulted in the death of 2 of them. the remaining 25 are still being trained, and RWS still has not responded to National and International questions with regards to the welfare of the dolphins. we are trying to get RWS to release the dolphins.

at several instances when i spoke to families, primary sch children especially, i saw them cringe when i explained the plight of the dolphins. for adults who didnt realise what enclosures does to the dolphins, i explained the consequences. many ppl took the photo petition because they believed it harms the dolpins more than it entertains the public.

at several instances also, i felt like tearing up when i shared how much the dolphins suffer. one stranger who was touched by my passion said really encouraging things to me. she stroked my back and said, “your passion is inspiring”. and that was the first time someone ever said that to me. i cant say i felt like Jane Goodall then, but i can sure imagine how the ppl she inspired must have felt. i inspired someone. that day, i made a difference. RWS may not release the dolphins, but at least i have educated several ppl about whats actually happening to the dolphins. now, more ppl know abt the things that happen to captive dolphins. the next generation of leaders are being educated. as long as the children believe in the negative impact, we can change this. one day.

i believe we will.

and ive realised that when you believe in something, it will come across to others. and ppl can be inspired. and the passion can change ppl’s ideaologies.

RWS, please let the dolphins go.

if you want to see the dolphins, please take a yacht trip out to the sea.

how can dolphins that swim so freely be happy when kept in a glass enclosure? if you really want to be education on dolphin behaviour, go study them where they are at home. dont buy into RWS’s explanation.

please join us in the petition and show your support.

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