@ three quarters of term 3

09 Aug

1) the day i look forward to in august

NDP is something i always look forward to in term 3. always. with all the kids dressed in tip-top condition in their uniform, it’s always comforting to see them take pride and march with precision. leaders day is one where i go beaming with pride and joy seeing the kids i know walk down in what might be their biggest honour/greatest non-academic achievement in sec sch life.

for some reason, something was different this year. perhaps it was the lack of festive mood. perhaps it was the (tooooo) long speeches under the hot sun. perhaps it was my too high expectations. perhaps it was the general non-mood of the student population. perhaps perhaps perhaps. something felt different this year.

2) nights of marking = term 3

and graduating students might be saying the same thing, “nights of mugging = term 3”

its quite scary how much marking we bring to the class and bring out of our grad classes. every single lesson. i can imagine how tired and exhausted the students are, day in day out, getting papers and papers to do. every single lesson. i do try and im wondering how else to make revision ‘fun’ and useful. and so there are the bio games that im playing with 4ab and 5na. but im skeptical abt the impact of those games. ultimately, it seems to come down to drill and practice for the national exams.

ive long gone past the arguement of education vs exams. i know that we are now teaching a subject. whether they are genuinely interested, we’ll only know when they make their decision on post sec education.

when teachers give mock exams, we envision our students revising their work, and consciously making the effort to remember their mistakes and thereafter not make them. in an ideal work, if that works, by the time the exams come, they’ll have no problem getting 90%++. unfortunately, that does not happen.

3) i miss the blue!

i cant wait for the september dates to be out and then i can hit the water again! i knew i’d love the deep blue, but i didnt realise how MUCH i’d love it. it feels like i there’s always not enough time spent in the waters…

4) growing older and more independant

just one year ago, i wouldnt have done some of the things ive done in the past year. the strength stemmed from wanting to move on and be independant. now, im looking to start on the next series of my dreams, and that is to trek the rainforests of the world. this will be a slow process, and, maybe a once a year trip will fit my schedule just nice. but i am going to start with a hill in kluang, its just a 1 hr trek up to the summit but seriously, i dont know my stamina with climbing, and this is the most comfortable i am with starting one. who am i going with? no one i know. and thats why im finding strength in being independant.

5) doing more in my 24 hours

for some reason, i find myself suddenly more busy with my volunteer work. last sunday i was with ACRES at the CCK roadshow. this saturday, i’ll be with the horseshoe crab R&R, next sat will be my Kluang climb, then after that is PE, then horseshoe crab again, then after that maybe i can fit in a diving trip if not i’ll be free and i’ll fit in the trip for the week after. then horseshoe crab again, then MOE olive run, then……..

haha….. but you know what, as busy as my weekends suddenly became, i find these activities giving me strength to pull through my weekdays at work. i feel like im doing something meaningful everyday. educating students, educating public.


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