something up with me?

01 Aug

ppl have been asking if i was doing fine. and ive been wondering why. last week when i was in a good mood, someone impt msgs my RO to ask if i was ok. and i was shocked, wondering why she would ask on a week where my mood was fantastic. someone also asked my colleague whether i was fine. this morning someone came to ask me.

today? i agree…. i started my day with a frown and i think i still have a tiny remain of a frown on my forehead.

actually, i think im just starting to get nervous with my classes. the 4NA maths prelims are tmr and the day after tmr. they arent ready. the 4exp and 5na prelims start right after the National Day week. and i doubt they are ready. i am nervous. cos i dont really know how close they are to getting ready. after doing a series of topical revision, today, by a stroke of ingenuity, i decided to give my 5na a paper to try and suddenly, i see many ppl struggling to answer the questions. im freaking out. later im giving the 4exp the paper too.. seriously. i think  most ppl are not ready..

i am seriously worried.

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Posted by on August 1, 2011 in i-Teach


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