an eventful sunday

31 Jul

i wouldnt normally wake up before 6am on a sunday… my intertidal volunteer work is one that gives me enough reason!

here’s the sunrise at kranji mudflats as we walked down the stretch to recee the place…

there were several mating pairs today, but no threesomes, so didnt feel inspired to photo-document them! haha… so here’s my trying to get an artistic shot of a horseshoe crab.. now that i think abt it, i think the angling could have been better… it the crabby was facing me, it might have been a nicer shot eh???

saw a number of individual anemones..

and some other marine animals…

we did complete our mission for this recee trip, but we got to keep up with this… so… more trips to come…

ppl would wonder why i even bother sticking my feet in mud and getting all dirty on a sunday morning, and i say, “well, i just enjoy doing this!” 😀

after the mudflats, headed to rail mall with HC to track towards the bt timah railway station since there was a final walk down the track.

the walk was supposed to begin at 9am at the bt timah station and we only finished at the mudflats at 945am! haha… not too far in, wemanaged to intercept the groupie. i didnt stay for breakfast with them… would have liked to though… HC was going off to climb one of the quarries after that…. cool or what! must try to improve my strength and stamina, then i can also get into rock climbing! one of these days! 🙂 anyway, i walked around for a while and saw this while looking for bugs in the grass…

its my first time seeing what the mimosa plant’s fruits look like. and apparently its a seed pod! how cool is that! 🙂 and with spikes to make sure other animals dont get to it before it disperses for propogation! 😀 nice nice…


*on a side note, i miss being underwater……i wanna go finning again!!!!! i cant wait till my next dive! 

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