dont let your dreams be dreams

27 Jul

at the end of the day, when you die, would you be able to say you’ve lived life?

it means different things to different people.  i might not have figured out what living life means to me yet. and probably our idea of what ‘living live to the fullest’ is will change as we enter different phases of life. but we cant assume what we’ll feel later on based on what others tell us cos our life is ours to live. and the choices we make are based on our personal reasons (of course decisions based on emotions and irrational decisions almost always end up wrong). some of which we might regret, but then, thats what makes us an individual. living someone else’s dream will probably make us miserable anyway, and we’ll never know how we’ll feel later on anyway…

im probably half way through the period of time of which i can do things while still healthy. half way through, being a scary thought also makes me wonder whether the next half will be better or just the same.

i cant live my life only by making a living. i got to live my life. though maybe not in the typical way that everyone expects me to.

i want to see the world. i want to see people. i want to smile seeing different cultural practices. i want to visit historic sites. i want to know more abt the stories that make hinduism what it is. i want to document my travels. i want to see the aurora someday. i want to share my experiences. i want to study. i want to discover. i want to succeed. i want to reward myself. i want to help others. i want to be passionate. i want to continue to care. i want to spread the word. i want to continue to smile at the little things. i want to do things for myself. i want to hear a world renowned ensemble play. i want to go to an exquisite play. i want to enjoy music. i want to make time for myself.  i want to visit the galapagos islands someday. i want to dive as much as i can. i want to see the ocean. i want the experience the feeling of swimming beside wild dolphins or see orcas swim by. i want my loved ones to know i was happy.  i want to know that ive done what i can before i die. i want to live my life. i want to live life.


post it pads from ThingsWeForget.


Posted by on July 27, 2011 in i-LiveMyLife, i-Reflect, i-Want


2 responses to “dont let your dreams be dreams

  1. maybelline

    July 27, 2011 at 11:23 am

    coincidentally, i just wrote a post to delay my dreams…

    … but i agree on one point, i am not here to realise somebody else’s dream.


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