one more dream realised

25 Jul

perhaps its the confidence that comes with wanting to look forward and move forward……….. after over 5 years abt thinking of learning diving, i finally did it last week.

in preparation for this trip, i had bought my mask and snorkel plus my MARES rashguard during ADEX 2011. and the underwater camera proved to be useful… and i’ll share the pictures below..

so, after the 2 theory sessions and the 2 pool sessions at outram sec, i finally went for the open water dive trip to Pulau Dayang over the weekend. leaving on friday evening, i felt so nervous, going there without any of my personal friends and worried abt whether i’ll make it out alive from the dive to 18m underwater. but the long bus ride and the super long boat ride made me feel so sian, i couldnt be bothered abt being nervous! and we arrived at Dayang at about 430am… tired, we all slept.

the next morning was beautiful…. the first thing you see when you open the dorm door is the fantastic blue ocean with Pulau Aur as the backdrop. wonderful? thats an understatement! the jetty was beautiful, the sand was so fine it felt like flour. the coconut trees were unbelievable…. and basically, i couldnt believe that i was there for the weekend! here are some photographs…

on the first day, we went for 3 dives, starting at a shallow 5m underwater and practicing our drills again. and through all that shivering COLD, i actually survived the drills…. and the best part was that while waiting for the rest to complete their drills, we look around and we see SOOOOO many beautiful fishes in passing us, playing with our fins, looking at us (perhaps) and just whipping their fins.

finning in the sea was marvellous… its a feeling i cant adequately describe given my limited vocab. we saw so many beautiful corals, anemones, fishes, including puffer fish! others saw lionfish too!!! i didnt bring my camera for the first 3 dives cos first dive was to test our comfort levels, cannot be distracted. 2nd dive brought down the cam casing to test for leaks. 3rd dive brought down the cam casing with tissue paper inside to test for leaks.

after filling up our dive logs for the first day, we slept quite soundly under terribly cold temperatures.

on day 2, we did 3 more dives, i did bring my cam down, and here are the pictures.


sea grapes? is it???

black sponges.

brain coral

sea stars

2 huge huge cushion stars! those ive seen have always been tiny compared to this!

2 fishes staring at me wondering what i was!!! i love love LURVE this shot! how lucky that it turned out clear!


sea cucumbers

forgot what this was called.

although visibility wasnt as clear as the previous day, words cant describe how i felt, finning through all the wonderful anemones and clown fishes and wrasse fish and sea stars and sea cucumbers…….. the entire experience was fantastic. i did have trouble equalising, and therefore had to take a longer time, but i guess with more practice, that’ll come quite naturally too! we went up to a maximum depth of 17.8m underwater, finning under and over large corals, across currents (which we all felt strongly, but they said was mild, so im wondering what strong currents would to do us!)

the coolest part of the trip? haha…. is the disembarking off the tip of the boat! hahaha…. darn cool man! i felt like a navy seal! hahaha!

the trip was fantastic, and i guess i should acknowledge that Blue Reef Scuba was great and trustworthy… my instructors were (Ashar, Jon, Isa and Alex) i felt confident diving with them! next in line? the advanced open water dive course, so that i can do night diving and see the creatures that mostly come out at night.

and you know, hopefully i get more comfortable with diving and do a few local dives before volunteering with Blue Water Volunteers! 😀


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2 responses to “one more dream realised

  1. Craig

    July 26, 2011 at 1:39 am

    Nice! HongHui here. I want to go there too! 😦

    • misspegasus

      July 27, 2011 at 10:59 am

      its really nice… 🙂 the moment you walk out of your dorm, its impossible not to smile. 🙂


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