going archaeological on horseshoe crab eggs!

17 Jul

had an early morning alarm set so that i can get to kranji mudflats by 730am! and for what? to dig the soil and locate their nesting sites!

so we went digging and digging, for me, not knowing what exactly i was looking out for until TY found a cluster! you know how small these eggs are???

so we all got down to digging and locating once we knew what to look out for…

it felt like we were all archaeologists digging for some treasure, needing sand brushes and etc…

through all the knee breaking, back aching, ankle cramping squats and constant focussing, the team found 12 nesting clusters each containing about 8-10 eggs at average.

among the other things we saw were quite a number of mating pairs, some threesomes even!

check out the claspers holding on the female, waiting for it to lay eggs so that the male will have a chance to fertilize it…

we rescued a couple of crabs..

tree climbing crab nicely camouflaged.

an anemone stuck in a puddle of water.

the rhizophora was flowering, beautiful yellow flowers.

at the end of the short trip, we went over to the coffee shop to discuss follow up actions, and im once again reminded of how much joy and excitement research brings. so many hypothesis and conversations to fool-proof certain techniques and interpretations of data collected. wow……… or maybe when you are in a discussion with ppl who actually have ideas on research techniques…

we are now embarking on possibly 4 new projects and i find myself drawn into horseshoe crab studies. i genuinely want to know and be part of finding out the answers to all the questions we raised during the coffeeshop chat!

i hope it works out!

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