term 3 week 3 updates

16 Jul

this week was weird! i felt light hearted even though my marking is just getting a way bit too crazy! mock exams are piling up and im wondering to what extent its actually working for my kids…. we’ll see during prelims. but hey, before that, there’s something called NDP! weeee!!!! today was like the first proper training for the kids and i must say it was a great start! i love seeing parades! and im sure the kids are going to be SO SO proud of themselves when they see the final video recording of their parade! i love love love the marching out sequence of the supporting contingents! 😀 once again, the band (just the drums) were there to test out the marching beats. i love how the band performs the National Anthem. i love the drum beats. i just love everything abt the parade segment of NDPs. 🙂 ok… im a parade fanatic!

you know, i appreciate how ppl make music work……. i totally fall in love when i see fingers make music…..

this video isnt that, but, just imagine a person playing it this smoothly, without any other instruments…

just listen to the pianist! this was a live band a colleague’s wedding. and this guy plays the piano with feelings, i just got so mesmerised that i remembered his face and when i saw him in sch, i immediately recognised him!

i think its just beautiful.. especially those talented enough to play by ear. i totally have no musical inclination what so ever! tried to learn the veenai. before that, i think mom sent me and my childhood friend for indian classical vocal classes. as an older person, i tried to get started on guitar, so we got Goony to teach us. and i gave up on that cos my fingers became too hard! (horrible me!) and then, for the jamming session we went for to celebrate our friend’s bd, he taught me piano… and i had to do this before i played on the actual day!

the quick fix for the lack of musical neuroconnections in the brain! haha….

anyway, its been a full 3 weeks of exercise and healthy dieting. ive been training up for my swim test on wednesday, and im worried i wont be able to clear the test! if its done in anything higher than a 1.5m pool, i think my muscles will go into spasm and i will just drown! haha… thats how worried i am that im gonna kill this for myself! but still, this is something ive been wanting to do for the longest time. I’M FINALLY DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this week, i also managed to get 2 toys! one is in the post below, and the other is my new hp……. after O2 Ozone, then N95, then Omnia 2, then N95, i had given up on phones. i still think N95 is good, but like i kinda needed to recontract and got myself the Sensation. but you know what………. ive been so out of touch, that sometimes i think im not smart enough to use a smart phone! geeks!!

half my weekend is gone, and tmr morning, im going for a special horseshoe crab searching project. we’re gonna be out at 730am for the full moon low tide and hopefully we’ll find what we are looking for. the low tide is at 633am at 0.1m! thats low! im so so excited! and im really hoping we’ll see the nesting area!

tmr is also the day that the railway line is closing for public walks. although initially i was skeptical, ive learnt to accept that publicity for the railway track is really really important. ppl wont know what they are missing unless they really see it. and true enough, with all the hype around the track now, the colleagues who went and the students who went all said great things abt the corridor… its more than just a scenic photographic place. there’s so much wildlife and it gives  a certain serenity abt the place… i really hope the govt will decide to keep at least the parts of the railway track that NSS had designated to contain more wildlife. and i hope that the ppl who’ve walked on the railway line will now continue to support the cause. dont just forget abt it once you’ve walked it. there’s alot more to see, especially if you go with nature groups who are able to point out the wildlife… do go to The Green Corridor website and show your support.

i guess that’s abt it for my update.

ive brought 4 sets of marking home, and half my weekend is over and i have yet to start marking! tmr will be a busy day! and ive promised myself to go for a 45 min run and a 1.5 hr swim to dispose of all the fats i ate today at Mcdonalds and Farmart! geez….. off to play with my hp.


it just came to my realisation that its term 3 and that means the year is ending. N level prelims, then sec 1-3 common test, then O level prelims, then N level exams then O level practical then sec 1-3 EOY exams, then O level exams. and im involved in all of these……. suddenly the year just seems short. and it feels like yet another year has passed. next year is connect plan year. hmmm…. it’ll be my 7th year and i realise i can no longer keep up the lie that im only 21 years old!

the sec 4s are all stepping down. the most recent one being the NPCC POP. with the official handover during Leaders’ Day, we’ve got a new bunch of kids to develop. and i hope my CSM lives up to our expectations. and i hope my ACSM will get good opportunities to develop herself cos she’s a really capable person. i hope they lead the corps to be passionate abt what they do and to give back to society.

well… so much for week 3… im loving july. 🙂 so far so good. until at least N level prelims! haha… goodnight world!


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2 responses to “term 3 week 3 updates

  1. lilian

    July 20, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Cool I have the exact same version of canon in C in my itouch. fellow canon fan reporting here XD

    oh and I knew it you aren’t 21 =p

  2. lilian

    July 20, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    oh and i just notice the picture of the labelled piano dun’t worry i did that on my electric organ when i was very young only i label the white keys A to Z aren’t i a music prodigy =P


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