these passionate UG ppl…

08 Jul

not one, not two. many. and over the years? a multitude of ppl have come back to help their juniors in training and for most of them, its more than just ‘have to come back and help’. its a ‘want to help’. i feel a certain affinity with UG. most probably cos i was never that active in CCA in sec sch (plus i just have a thing for UGs) and i feel inspired seeing these young kids feeling so passionate abt what they do.

the first experience i had was when so so so many officers/sncos came for training every single week and they took it upon themselves to improve the standard of the corps. really, so much hard work. so much reflection and debates on how to improve the quality, which brought a Silver Corps to Gold! so much time spent planning and executing training and camps and events such as the 10th anniversary. all the help, never forgotten. now that the OIC has changed, it made me see that these officers are more than just trainers and coordinators. they are like the backbone of ksj. teachers come and go. OIC changes, and yet, the direction still remains the same. the wealth of knowledge they have on protocols and competition training and admin procedures is irrefutably significant. KSJ wouldnt have been what it is without them.

as do other UGs enjoy the luxury of having officers/sncos coming to help train the juniors. the first NDP training for this yr has started and as i sat at the podium on the parade square seeing these 18 yr old kids give instructions, i couldnt help but smile, feeling so proud and contented that these ppl felt passionate enough to sacrifice weekends to help prepare for yet another good NDP. like GL said, it is going to be a rush, and we still have some ideas considered to be too extravagant for sec 1s to handle.  but still, we want to try and we will do our best. i’ll be there for every training session cos NDP is the time for UGs to shine. its our day.

so i thank all the officers/snco genuinely just for even wanting to help. NDP isnt over yet, but really, your help is very  muchie appreciated!

*aside to EL and RT, thank you for helping out, but really, its time to squeeze your blood dry for the As.. 😀 but im still very very proud of you both!

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Posted by on July 8, 2011 in i-Happy, i-Reflect


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