its been monday all week

03 Jul

suddenly the week starts, and its back to the adrenaline-pumping mind-juggling stress-stimulating hectic schedule again.

monday was the most feared. most of the trs wanted to meet most of the students to settle so many things. suddenly everyone wants to get going…….. and its been like that all week. the date due for everything seems to be week 1! ahhhhhhhhh………!

the syllabus for my grad classes is revision. and its disgusting me that some ppl still think that they can scrap thru exams with hopeful last minute studies given the brains they have. “sry”.

anyway, complains aside, all grad classes have gone into full fledged revision mode, and my first aim is to get rid of my 4NA maths class. after that i’ll settle the 4exp/5na bio kids. im not sure what my exam duties are for this term… i had to decline an appointment for the N levels. so………..

received a few quite demoralising letters this week. one from ICA, one from ED and the other was just my CC bill. the ICA one penned out what ive been trying to deny for the past whole year… but when you see something in black and white, you know its real.  )))))))))))):

i also seem to have quite a few drafts on my wordpress dashboard, which i think im going to end up deleting anyways. no time. ive been wanting to blog abt my aussie trip, but im not putting in effort to write. you can just go check out the pics on my deviantart gallery if you wanted.

i also finally booked and paid for my trip which is happening in 2 weeks time. and im freaking out actually. but like… haha… its been something ive wanted to do for ages. so… though im alone in this, im going for this adventure. finally. 🙂

this week brought abt some interesting scenarios both at work and at home. most recently though was ‘the case of the missing cousin’ – im still trying to understand the reasons and conceptualize, but my skepticism is getting the better of me. i wouldnt want to judge someone who tried to commit suicide. having gone past that stage where i think dying would be the best option for everyone else, i can see why some ppl might take that option. but like…. haiz… not really sure what to say cos no amt of words will help when the mind is fixated on its own mental model. but suicide only adds burden to those you left behind. which is pure evil cos it’s regret forever.

apart from that, everyday was just immediate meetings, immediate settlements, immediate assignments, immediate submissions. IP coachings have become more intensive and all my afternoons are spent with (1) small groups of students who obviously didnt pay attention when they were in sec 3 and (2) small groups of students who completed TYS and past yr papers and come to me to clarify their doubts. which resulted in late nights. leaving sch at 7 plus 8, reaching home past 9 everyday. until i couldnt take it. on friday, i left sch by 3 plus, slept from 4 to 8pm, and then slept again. woke up early sat morn for sjab. woke up early sun morn for wedding (hopefully the last for this year). and ended up getting a parking ticket for ‘parking against the flow of traffic’. but hey, my dad’s mistake. so he’s writing in to appeal. $50. those loansharks!

its been a tiring and trying first week. everyday felt like one week! an incident happened with one of my classes on wed morn. CKC informed me in the morning. at abt 5 pm when i saw him again, i remarked, “hey, thanks for your help that day!” and he replied, “what that day? it was this morning!”

haha! but hey, one week at a time. we’ll get through eventually. as long as we use each week to the fullest and with no regrets! still, im thanking God for the Youth Day holiday tmr even though im heading to sch to get some stuff done before i head out for lunch to AT’s place.

Life’s good. its all abt positive thinking! im staying positive this week and nothing’s going to ruin this week cos this is MY week!

smile, and the whole world smiles with you. 🙂

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