the case of the missing cousin

02 Jul

its one of those times when something untoward happens to someone you havent liked for a decade and you get confused about your feelings with regards to the situation.

when i read the sms from my dad this morning, i said to myself, “ha….”

no smiles, no giggles, just “ha….”

but then i also said , “i hope he’s fine” ultimately, im not so evil as to want the family to suffer eternal sadness.

just spoke to my mom and she asked me if i could go over to his wife’s house to just be around her, cos my dad and his bro have been driving around almost the whole of last night trying to find my cousin who apparently left house with just his IC at noon yesterday.

as an adult, i would normally think that educated adults dont just run away. what more, a parent with2 kids below the age of 5. unless he’s gotten into some major trouble. but seriously, no money, no phone, just an IC. what purpose does it serve? according to the wife, there isnt any problem at home. according to his work place, there isnt any problem at work.

so my mom asked if i could go over and stay for a few hours, and i replied, “no, im not going over… why should i do that?”

and she said, “ppl will be worried sick. some company might help.”

and i thought, what purpose would I serve? someone who has not been to his marriage and all preceding and proceeding events, not to both his children’s births, his kids birthday celebrations, his house deepavali celebrations,  etc. basically, ive had no contact with him or his family for a decade, but seemingly, we are family, and therefore i should offer some help….

and my mom added, “its when ppl are in trouble that we should help”

and i reflected, im really not such a nasty person. if he is really in trouble, i will offer help. without judgement.

so though im skeptical abt him going missing with only an IC (cos ppl might leave house without a wallet, but never a without the handphone), im keeping my evening free, cancelling my appointment. will probably pick my mom up and send her to his house later. while dad is otw to make a missing person report to the police.

we hope nothing has happened to him. cos his parents have already lost their daughter a a tender age. i wouldnt want anything else to happen to them.


Update at 1.40pm

Apparently ppl bring IC so that police can find them when they are dead.

sigh…..  as much as i would like to think that suicide is the easy way out, it really hurts most to those who love you. he would have left behind his wife, 2 kids and aged parents.

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