moving on with our holiday…

12 Jun

im flying tmr, and im still heading back to sch to settle some documents before i go off!!! but hey, im gonna disappear for the next 1o days, and i cant wait. for some reason, im nervous – perhaps feeling im a little more complacent. knowing that i am not responsible for students makes me feel a little more relaxed, which might not necessarily be too good…

but going through whatever i have, it seems ive covered almost everything…. so…. hmmm….

so im all packed. backpacking in winter will be exciting.

it’ll be my first winter trip, and yet its to a non-snowing place! how sad!

but i must say i feel so blessed to have friends who offered me a whole lot of things which means i had to spend lesser money! thanks to Wong and Wong! for the winter stuff and advice and everything else… 🙂

nevertheless, winter shopping has ripped a hole in my wallet, and im gonna be spending more…… but hey, it cant discount the experience i’ll gain! see you all in 10 days!

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Posted by on June 12, 2011 in i-Happy, i-LiveMyLife


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