knobbly haven at Cyrene Reef

12 Jun

it was my first every trip to Cyrene with Team Seagrass, and i was ever so looking forward to it!

it was an early morning trip and the first boat we sat in was so warm and welcoming! the waters were so choppy i just couldnt get a stable shot!

we finally neared cyrene, but i think they docked at the wrong spot. the 2nd boat ferried us to nearer the shore and we had to use a ladder to get off the boat and with almost half our bodies submerged in the water (imagine the red guy being so tall and he was already half in!), we slowly and cautiously walked to the sand bar.

and the first thing that made me smile? a pair of terns. it was the first time i saw them and these birds were so unaware of our existence that they flew past us several times without any fear. they are beautiful…. beautiful! 🙂 so amazed i was, i didnt even take out my cam to snap a shot of them. i just stood there and watched them fly past me.. 🙂 here though, is a video of terns…. just to remind me of how beautiful they are.. 🙂 my new favourite birds!

my next new favourite animal is the sea urchin. such cute creatures, i really wonder how they throw on top of themselves all those stones and grasses to camouflage themselves!

i spotted tiny tiny anemonies among the sea grasses… so tiny!

a fan shell

we saw this eagle land quite close to us on this uninhabited place.

a jellyfish trapped in a pool of water.


some egg or something??

here a thunder crab! a big one.

and a tiny one. spot the crab!

spot the crab yet again!

sea cucumber

sand dollars were spotted

the best this is……….. this place is a haven for knobblies! so many colours and so many patterns, these knobblies are just amazing! i

couldnt get enough of them, and they couldnt resist showing!








more and more and more knobblies!

KS did mention that knobblies are abundant in this place…. and he set us curiously looking for this creature called a galloping seastar

KS had a lovely video of it on his hp, and i cant seem to find one on youtube. so… im sry  i cant share…

so involved everyone was, i didnt want to leave the place!

but we kinda had to leave…

it was the best weather we could ask for. drizzled for a bit, but, at least it wasnt scorching hot or raining heavily. 🙂 great trip out!

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