flora and fauna and all the green in Hanoi

12 Jun

its been almost 2 weeks since i came back. the service-learning trip to Mai Chau Provice in Hanoi, Vietnam was great. though a little different from my previous 2 experiences, it was still a great experience… it’ll probably be my last service-learning trip by sch cos i think other trs also need to get the opportunity to organise. unless of course no one else is interested/unable to commit due to family stuff, i wouldnt mind going again. 🙂

here are the snippets of the nature in vietnam.

the alarm clocks!

a nice yellow caterpillar…. i think its a moth caterpillar.

another moth caterpillar..

spot the mountain goats

the geese that the students walked behind of..

a family of cows


a bee buzzing around a flower.

a lazy cat

a fish in the aquarium in the hotel.


the greenery was amazing… though Kerala was still nicer. but who cares… as long as there’s natural green and mountains all around you, the trip cant go wrong!

a lady who’s up early to prepare food… the leaves for home, the stalks for fish!

the meanders from the airplane… 🙂

a bit of some other different things we noticed!

a buildings there apparently are taxed on the width of the building.. so they build narrow buildings, but longer and taller…  here’s an example!

the chairs and tables are also miniature! haha… as a measure, you can see that the seat of the chairs is at the same level as the step to the shop entrance!

here’s a simple way to earn money with very little capital!

the trip was fulfilling, as is always when you help others.. GS is back in vietnam again, 1 week after returning from the trip! she wants to absorb more of their culture! its always great travelling and seeing other cultures. maybe someday, i’ll go back (without students!)

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One response to “flora and fauna and all the green in Hanoi

  1. Joydeb Majumder

    July 15, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    All the photographs are beautiful but I am interested to know about the catterpillar on big tree bark or stem which is black coulor and having dog like black and white hairs on its body surface. Please also tell the name of the species. I also got this moth catterpillar in Tripura India. And also describe its month of occurence and food plants if any. I am Mr. Joydeb Majumder from Tripura India. email:


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