aperture, shutter speeds and ISO….

07 Jun

not in a million years did i think i’ll enjoy carrying a DSLR around……. but when my dearest Sony Cybershot LCD screen went blank 2 weeks before my Hanoi trip, i panicked! i had to use my dad’s DSLR. with much coaching from 2 photographers who went on the trip, i trialed and error-ed and mostly ended up with “anyhow try and see which configuration ends up with the correct colour quality”

but hey………….. some of my shots did end up nice. some  of them i intentionally took in certain angles, thinking that it’ll be a good idea. so if its not, feel free to give suggestions on how to improve.. and here’s my first showcase of my first experience my Canon EOS 500D during my overseas service-learning trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

1) what’s out there for me? 

2) I’m coming! I want one too!

3) Let’s go back and tell the rest! Everyone will be so happy!

4) The amazing colour of a simple smile.

5) The beautiful colours of the mountain during sunset

6) A gentle stream – a symbol of peace

7) My Hotel Room

8) A myriad of flowering trees

9) Double take with water

10) Singapore Airlines

its my first attempt at trying to not just snap something… and im still learning. hopefully my next trip, i’ll have more time to experiment and take better angled shots and shots that tell a story! 🙂

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Posted by on June 7, 2011 in i-Shoot


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