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Meeting Dr Jane Goodall

a number of times she has come to Singapore, and yet i never had the time to go down to meet her. today, i did. i had the car, i drove to geylang east library and we waited for her…… and she came. and boy was there a loud loud applause. what a feeling it was to finally see this woman who’s defined what studying animal behaviour is all about!

she is such an inspiration and to hear her talk abt her passion almost brought me to tears a couple of times (but you know its a full hall and there were adults and kids around and of course i didnt want to embarrass myself).

when asked abt how she managed to go to africa to study chimps, she said (apart from the support from her mom), “if you really want something, you work hard, you find opportunities, you’ll find a way”

its all abt using the opportunities. sometimes, creating the opportunities, like im starting to do for myself. perhaps a little fast sometimes even for my liking. but, im glad im doing what im doing now for myself cos i really want to be happy. 🙂

when asked abt how she is able to get over the negatives, and still find the passion, she recounted this story of someone she met during her travels. this guy told her this story abt how he managed to get the rapidly depleting numbers of black robins back up.

“when the whites introduced cats to the country, the numbers of black robins went terribly down. this person, having a special interest in black robins, kept asking the govt to allow the birds to be preserved in another area, though countless times got rejected. by the time the govt accepted his proposal, there were only 27 black robins (in the whole world). he brought all these 27 birds to this other area where there were no natural predators. of these 27 birds, only 1 was female, and her mate happened to be sterile. usually these birds stay together when they pair up, but this single female happened to mate with a younger male and eventually laid 2 eggs. his man took a risk and took away the 2 eggs and left it at another bird’s nest to be harvested. this stimulated the black robins to lay another 2 eggs, which once again he took away to be harvested by some other birds. and this stimulated the black robins to lay the final 2 eggs. all 6 eggs hatched, and were fully grown and they continued to mate naturally. now, there are over 400 black robins in the world.” (this should join the list of 5 species that cheated extinction.)

Dr Goodall said, the success stories of how ppl help these animals in need motivate her to continue. she said that he told her, “things may go wrong in your life, but dont give up”

and you know what, as appropriate as this seems for me, things might have gone wrong in my life, but, happiness can be found and i dont want to give up on life yet. 🙂

after the talk, i desperately wanted a pic with her… but there were all these ppl who wanted her autographs and she had to visit all these booths and i was so afraid that she’d just go off once she was done with them, then i might have been a little anxious trying to ask the ppl around her 3 times whether i could get a pic with her. i hope they werent too irritated with me… 😦

when i finally did get the chance, she remarked, “i waited years to get to the chimps, surely you could wait 10 minutes?” hahaha………….. it wasnt 10 min… it was half an hour… but thats alright. i knew she had booths to see and i sure hope those kids knew how gifted they were that she spoke to them and shared their stories. and she knew i was trying to get to her. after the photo, i told her how it was such an honour to meet her and that she is an inspiration. we smiled, shook hands and parted.

and then i wanted to jump up and down, but you know like its a public library. so i behaved like a demure girl.

but, you know what, i’m really really really glad i met Dr Jane Goodall. Its such a fulfilling experience to hear from someone who passionate abt chimpanzee and animals. and abt how its all abt whether the younger children can believe in the cause.

normally i never put up photos of myself, but i think this is something im really proud of. 🙂

here’s the photograph with her. the 78 year old lady who has accomplished SO much and has been a pioneer in the field of understanding primate behaviour. so close that they are her friends. i feel so blessed. 😀

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2 acc in 1 week………

hired car in perth. [17th June 2011, 2.30pm]

i saw the tree behind just milliseconds before it hit.

truck hits my side mirror [23rd June 2011, 10.20am plus]

im not putting up the pic cos its pending settlement.

[pic not inserted]

im not quite sure if i should be thanking my stars and planets for still being alive, or see this as the start of my series of bad-lucks-to-come……..

either way, im not happy.

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Protected: its not her fault…

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moving on with our holiday…

im flying tmr, and im still heading back to sch to settle some documents before i go off!!! but hey, im gonna disappear for the next 1o days, and i cant wait. for some reason, im nervous – perhaps feeling im a little more complacent. knowing that i am not responsible for students makes me feel a little more relaxed, which might not necessarily be too good…

but going through whatever i have, it seems ive covered almost everything…. so…. hmmm….

so im all packed. backpacking in winter will be exciting.

it’ll be my first winter trip, and yet its to a non-snowing place! how sad!

but i must say i feel so blessed to have friends who offered me a whole lot of things which means i had to spend lesser money! thanks to Wong and Wong! for the winter stuff and advice and everything else… 🙂

nevertheless, winter shopping has ripped a hole in my wallet, and im gonna be spending more…… but hey, it cant discount the experience i’ll gain! see you all in 10 days!

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knobbly haven at Cyrene Reef

it was my first every trip to Cyrene with Team Seagrass, and i was ever so looking forward to it!

it was an early morning trip and the first boat we sat in was so warm and welcoming! the waters were so choppy i just couldnt get a stable shot!

we finally neared cyrene, but i think they docked at the wrong spot. the 2nd boat ferried us to nearer the shore and we had to use a ladder to get off the boat and with almost half our bodies submerged in the water (imagine the red guy being so tall and he was already half in!), we slowly and cautiously walked to the sand bar.

and the first thing that made me smile? a pair of terns. it was the first time i saw them and these birds were so unaware of our existence that they flew past us several times without any fear. they are beautiful…. beautiful! 🙂 so amazed i was, i didnt even take out my cam to snap a shot of them. i just stood there and watched them fly past me.. 🙂 here though, is a video of terns…. just to remind me of how beautiful they are.. 🙂 my new favourite birds!

my next new favourite animal is the sea urchin. such cute creatures, i really wonder how they throw on top of themselves all those stones and grasses to camouflage themselves!

i spotted tiny tiny anemonies among the sea grasses… so tiny!

a fan shell

we saw this eagle land quite close to us on this uninhabited place.

a jellyfish trapped in a pool of water.


some egg or something??

here a thunder crab! a big one.

and a tiny one. spot the crab!

spot the crab yet again!

sea cucumber

sand dollars were spotted

the best this is……….. this place is a haven for knobblies! so many colours and so many patterns, these knobblies are just amazing! i

couldnt get enough of them, and they couldnt resist showing!








more and more and more knobblies!

KS did mention that knobblies are abundant in this place…. and he set us curiously looking for this creature called a galloping seastar

KS had a lovely video of it on his hp, and i cant seem to find one on youtube. so… im sry  i cant share…

so involved everyone was, i didnt want to leave the place!

but we kinda had to leave…

it was the best weather we could ask for. drizzled for a bit, but, at least it wasnt scorching hot or raining heavily. 🙂 great trip out!

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flora and fauna and all the green in Hanoi

its been almost 2 weeks since i came back. the service-learning trip to Mai Chau Provice in Hanoi, Vietnam was great. though a little different from my previous 2 experiences, it was still a great experience… it’ll probably be my last service-learning trip by sch cos i think other trs also need to get the opportunity to organise. unless of course no one else is interested/unable to commit due to family stuff, i wouldnt mind going again. 🙂

here are the snippets of the nature in vietnam.

the alarm clocks!

a nice yellow caterpillar…. i think its a moth caterpillar.

another moth caterpillar..

spot the mountain goats

the geese that the students walked behind of..

a family of cows


a bee buzzing around a flower.

a lazy cat

a fish in the aquarium in the hotel.


the greenery was amazing… though Kerala was still nicer. but who cares… as long as there’s natural green and mountains all around you, the trip cant go wrong!

a lady who’s up early to prepare food… the leaves for home, the stalks for fish!

the meanders from the airplane… 🙂

a bit of some other different things we noticed!

a buildings there apparently are taxed on the width of the building.. so they build narrow buildings, but longer and taller…  here’s an example!

the chairs and tables are also miniature! haha… as a measure, you can see that the seat of the chairs is at the same level as the step to the shop entrance!

here’s a simple way to earn money with very little capital!

the trip was fulfilling, as is always when you help others.. GS is back in vietnam again, 1 week after returning from the trip! she wants to absorb more of their culture! its always great travelling and seeing other cultures. maybe someday, i’ll go back (without students!)

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aperture, shutter speeds and ISO….

not in a million years did i think i’ll enjoy carrying a DSLR around……. but when my dearest Sony Cybershot LCD screen went blank 2 weeks before my Hanoi trip, i panicked! i had to use my dad’s DSLR. with much coaching from 2 photographers who went on the trip, i trialed and error-ed and mostly ended up with “anyhow try and see which configuration ends up with the correct colour quality”

but hey………….. some of my shots did end up nice. some  of them i intentionally took in certain angles, thinking that it’ll be a good idea. so if its not, feel free to give suggestions on how to improve.. and here’s my first showcase of my first experience my Canon EOS 500D during my overseas service-learning trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

1) what’s out there for me? 

2) I’m coming! I want one too!

3) Let’s go back and tell the rest! Everyone will be so happy!

4) The amazing colour of a simple smile.

5) The beautiful colours of the mountain during sunset

6) A gentle stream – a symbol of peace

7) My Hotel Room

8) A myriad of flowering trees

9) Double take with water

10) Singapore Airlines

its my first attempt at trying to not just snap something… and im still learning. hopefully my next trip, i’ll have more time to experiment and take better angled shots and shots that tell a story! 🙂

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