my timetable for end of sem 1

20 May

friday: i followed my class for HPB learning journey, back in sch for mtg in which i had 2 other mtgs, went out for dinner with CC.

saturday: got to be at marina south pier at 545am for pulau semakau trip, then back to sch for sjab pop training, then out to dinner with 5B’09.

sunday: horseshoe crab + start writing my research paper.

monday: follow class to marina barrage + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

tuesday: meet VP + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

wednesday: amazingly, nothing recorded in my calendar + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

thursday: sci dept lunch

friday: Singapore Air Show learning journey (for teachers) + parent teacher mtg + eat with your family day

saturday to wednesday: OCIP in vietnam

thursday: rest

friday: extra lessons with 3NA

saturday: POP + 2Q11 mtg + ATC mtg

sunday: Friend wedding + farewell party for LL

monday: cyrene reef  (if i get to go, which i hope i do…) + extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

tuesday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

wednesday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

thursday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na + cycling trip to ubin

friday: d’aesthetica concert

saturday: get hair done

sunday: pack bags

monday to monday to wednesday: aussie trip

thursday: rest

friday: staff mtg

saturday: sjab training

sunday: moan and groan at home

monday: sch reopens.

wow! im excited!

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