Positive Thinking

19 May

today, my ex student puts this line of lyrics on FB. “You’re not alone, there’s more to this i know. You can make it out. You will live to tell ”

and i remembered how each time i think cant do it, it always seems i get out and move on. and i look back and i wonder how i managed to get through it.

dont we all wish that everything will go the way we planned. no problems. and then each time we get better and better at organising things. and no external problems such as conditional subsidies or new rules on travel or you know… whatever else that comes hindering our plans.

now how can i psycho myself into thinking that all these hurdles are just stepping stones for me to cross so that i’ll grow into a better person…? hmmm…… i should record that into a audio track and play it while i sleep.

which makes me wonder what makes a person a positive person?

and i figured, a person who is usually positive must also usually be a truly happy person. a person who’s happy and satisfied all the time usually has a positive outlook on life.

so i googled, “how to be a positive person” and i came up to this site which showed a few ways.

1) get rid of the negative ppl around you who have a negative outlook on life. (but im kind of like the person who is pessimistic myself… )

2) find the silver lining in the problem. (i dont quite have a clue on how to do this on the problem that im facing now with regards to the trip though)

3) smile, even if you dont mean it. (well….. truth is, a smile does make a difference.)

4) put yourself in a situation where you get to enjoy at least some good stuff each day. (when your adrenaline gets pumping, it just makes you feel more energised right. like when i stole KW’s chair and refused to get out from it and then she swirled and swirled me around until i almost fell off the chair laughing, and then the rest of the day went on fine despite the pile of paper work i had to swim out of.. trust me. it helps.)

but the one i like most is this.

5) do something self -less everyday. and i think this totally makes sense to me. cos when i had the time and energy to bother buying breakfast snack for the ppl of Holland Village, i used to start my day alot happier..

i read a few more articles on positive thinking and i realised that positive thinking is a habit that can be nurtured. its by no miracle that there are those that are more positive than others.

it is a state of mind that can be consciously cultivated.

like saying words in a more positive way. example: “I hope it doesn’t rain” can be swapped by “It would be nice to have a sunny day”

change the way you think. “you cant change the situation, but you can choose the way you approach it.”

and at the end of it all, it is almost always easier to not put in effort and think negatively. perhaps thats why more ppl seem pessimistic than optimistic. so i think its all really in a state of mind.

everything will blow over and we will get out of most pitholes. and we’ll live to tell the story. 🙂

whats a little setback? its just another test of my attitude ya. 🙂

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