Top Gun Day

05 May

my student showed me this link and im still EXCITED!!!!

13th May is Top Gun Day!

are there any other movies which have a DAY assigned to them!!?!?! thats how COOOOOOOL Top Gun is! Heeee haaaa!!!!!

so here’s MY call sign!

and you can bet i’m so darn excited!

Here’s some of the quotes from the movie..

here’re some my fav parts of the movie… (copied from a conversation with a student on FB)

i like to say the lines on the first part of the movie when maverick and goose get scolded by their boss. 

then i like to say lines on the part when maverick chases after the girl up the slope then speaks to her. “Jesus Christ! and you think IM reckless! when i fly, i have you know that my crew and my plane come first!” WOO HOO!!! that was HAWT!

my fav part is also when after the whole real fight, maverick throws goose’s dogtag into the ocean……… 

the giggle that maverick does when he asks for permission for the flypast after the real fight (and get denied again) was lovely!

“lieutenant, i hvae top security clearance. the pentagon sees to it that i know more than you”

and he replies, “well mam, it doesnt seem so in this case now does it?” 

haha.. that whole prelude to that was funny man! when goose keep wanting maverick to say “We” … lol…

just some parts that i love! hehe… im gonna catch this movie this weekend again!

this is one of my fav pics!

Hard deck my ass.

F-14 Tomcat on Deck

gosh! i miss this movie!

and just for the fun of it.. check out the movie in 60 sec

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