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Resorts World Sentosa Must Change Its Decision

25 more dolphins are still being tamed and trained in the phillipines to be brought over to RWS as an attraction.

marine ppl know that captive dolphins dont do well. already 2 have died. and RWS is still not changing its decision.

its a sad plight for these marvellous creatures to be kept captive when they really should be in the wild.

please head on down to Far East Plaza and make your intention clear. if more ppl come forward and show that they care, at least it’ll make an impact.

captive dolphins are just wrong. they are just wrong.

save the world’s saddest dolphins today.


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with each passing year, im becoming less of a teacher and more of an office clerk.

and i dont like what im becoming.

so in all sense, being true to myself, i guess its ok if i defy and deny things that i feel can be defied and denied.

i want to be back with the students and spend more time helping them, guiding them, teaching them, developing them. and since i believe this is what teaching should be like, as long as i dont get to do this to my satisfaction, i guess i’ll never be happy.

how come others can handle both? i guess im just not as efficient as the rest.

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i wish i had as many heads as Ravanan and as many hands as Kali

im going berserk!




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semakau and kranji mudflats

a weekend just the way i like…….

it was absolutely treacherous getting up at 4am to get to marina south pier by 530am. but it was all so worth it.

it was supposed to be a 1hr boat ride to semakau, but it seemed too short cos many of us fell asleep for obvious reasons.

as usual, it turned out that weather patterns in off shore islands are totally different from those on land. a slight drizzle soon turned out to be a passing shower. which we were still thankful for, cos it could have been worse.

a monitor lizard crawled along the long windy road as we walked. i dont like small lizards. i like ’em when they’ve large! this was a tiny one.

down on the shore, we soon started with out transects after the briefing..

we saw this thing that looks like some sea squirt?? i dont know.

and then i spotted this white blog on the blades of the seagrass. its a spotted nudibranch i think. it was so pretty…

and then we realised that there was a smaller one next to the larger one.

it was a mommy and a baby i think..

check out the insides of the nudi!

we saw this sea cucumber.

many colourful sponges


but our best find for the day was this sea hare. it was my first ever sighting and lucky for me, my partner knew it was a sea hare!

we initially saw red colouration and thought it was blood. but when we touched it, it felt somewhat like goo… we searched inside and saw this creature which i initially thought was the inside of a noble volute. but this creature was soooooo soft to touch and so delicate! i didnt dare to move it! haha.. my partner took it real softly, and keeping it under water, inspected if that was what caused the red ink. true enough, this sea hare was releasing red ink. we thought it might either be some chemical released for mating purposes or for defense. on the boat ride, we later discovered that (like cuttlefish and stuff) it releases red colouration as a deterrent when it feels threatened. too bad, we couldnt see the predator that caused it to release the red ink.

here, enjoy the video!

among other things we saw

this really long thing. i think its a sea cucumber. ive just never seen it move much before, so i was quite interested in seeing how it did..

and just a nice random shell…

sunday morning was spent at kranji mudflats. taught new ppl abt horseshoe crabs and discussed some conference thingy with the team. i wish i could go to the HK conference in june, but the dates of the conference fall exactly on the dates im in perth! crap! anyway, off to collect water and stuff, i saw this white dog eating a flower crab. seriously, i could hear the crunch! so traumatised i was, i didnt take out my camera in time to capture it! lol…

but anyway, this white (female) dog had one hell of a morning. ‘doing’ it with TWO other male dogs at various places and various times throughout the first hour! haha! the scene was so hilarious! i chose to give them some privacy lah…. no photos/videos of them ‘doing’ it!

each trip i go there, i get more and more impressed with the students that go there. the sec/jc ones go on a voluntary basis. what impresses me the most are the primary sch ones whom the trs bring. they are so mature in the way they handle the unknown. they are eager to try. they dont say, “eeeeee”. i used to think that teaching in a pri sch would be such a mess and that i wouldnt be able to handle them. but now i think, more than ever, the trs in primary sch are so impt. they set the mindsets actually. more than any of us, they set the frame of mind of the child. whether to speak intelligently, whether to respond in a respectable way… they have such a big role to play… hmmm…

anyway, standard happenings at kranji mudflats and i was too busy to grab pictures.

save for this juvenile that was moulting. horseshoe crabs are most vulnerable when they moult cos their shell is so soft.. thats when they get eaten. of course, this isnt inclusive of the times they (including the larger ones) get entangled in drift nets or when they start swallowing fishing lines thinking its flatworms maybe?

it was a good 2 days. and to celebrate it, i went for a jog… how much better can it get?

well the day has ended, and tmr its back to clearing up the mess this OCIP is causing me.

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my timetable for end of sem 1

friday: i followed my class for HPB learning journey, back in sch for mtg in which i had 2 other mtgs, went out for dinner with CC.

saturday: got to be at marina south pier at 545am for pulau semakau trip, then back to sch for sjab pop training, then out to dinner with 5B’09.

sunday: horseshoe crab + start writing my research paper.

monday: follow class to marina barrage + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

tuesday: meet VP + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

wednesday: amazingly, nothing recorded in my calendar + mtg with students of vietnam OCIP

thursday: sci dept lunch

friday: Singapore Air Show learning journey (for teachers) + parent teacher mtg + eat with your family day

saturday to wednesday: OCIP in vietnam

thursday: rest

friday: extra lessons with 3NA

saturday: POP + 2Q11 mtg + ATC mtg

sunday: Friend wedding + farewell party for LL

monday: cyrene reef  (if i get to go, which i hope i do…) + extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

tuesday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

wednesday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na

thursday: extra lessons with 4na/4exp/5na + cycling trip to ubin

friday: d’aesthetica concert

saturday: get hair done

sunday: pack bags

monday to monday to wednesday: aussie trip

thursday: rest

friday: staff mtg

saturday: sjab training

sunday: moan and groan at home

monday: sch reopens.

wow! im excited!

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Positive Thinking

today, my ex student puts this line of lyrics on FB. “You’re not alone, there’s more to this i know. You can make it out. You will live to tell ”

and i remembered how each time i think cant do it, it always seems i get out and move on. and i look back and i wonder how i managed to get through it.

dont we all wish that everything will go the way we planned. no problems. and then each time we get better and better at organising things. and no external problems such as conditional subsidies or new rules on travel or you know… whatever else that comes hindering our plans.

now how can i psycho myself into thinking that all these hurdles are just stepping stones for me to cross so that i’ll grow into a better person…? hmmm…… i should record that into a audio track and play it while i sleep.

which makes me wonder what makes a person a positive person?

and i figured, a person who is usually positive must also usually be a truly happy person. a person who’s happy and satisfied all the time usually has a positive outlook on life.

so i googled, “how to be a positive person” and i came up to this site which showed a few ways.

1) get rid of the negative ppl around you who have a negative outlook on life. (but im kind of like the person who is pessimistic myself… )

2) find the silver lining in the problem. (i dont quite have a clue on how to do this on the problem that im facing now with regards to the trip though)

3) smile, even if you dont mean it. (well….. truth is, a smile does make a difference.)

4) put yourself in a situation where you get to enjoy at least some good stuff each day. (when your adrenaline gets pumping, it just makes you feel more energised right. like when i stole KW’s chair and refused to get out from it and then she swirled and swirled me around until i almost fell off the chair laughing, and then the rest of the day went on fine despite the pile of paper work i had to swim out of.. trust me. it helps.)

but the one i like most is this.

5) do something self -less everyday. and i think this totally makes sense to me. cos when i had the time and energy to bother buying breakfast snack for the ppl of Holland Village, i used to start my day alot happier..

i read a few more articles on positive thinking and i realised that positive thinking is a habit that can be nurtured. its by no miracle that there are those that are more positive than others.

it is a state of mind that can be consciously cultivated.

like saying words in a more positive way. example: “I hope it doesn’t rain” can be swapped by “It would be nice to have a sunny day”

change the way you think. “you cant change the situation, but you can choose the way you approach it.”

and at the end of it all, it is almost always easier to not put in effort and think negatively. perhaps thats why more ppl seem pessimistic than optimistic. so i think its all really in a state of mind.

everything will blow over and we will get out of most pitholes. and we’ll live to tell the story. 🙂

whats a little setback? its just another test of my attitude ya. 🙂

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walk down memory lane

its been a nostalgic few weeks. a few days ago, we were discussing Growing Up.

it was a show i used to watch back in sec sch. i remember i used to sit without fail to watch this dramatic drama. as soapy as it was, i still liked it. maybe i found some connection. to the ways of the lives the characters led. the way the father stringed and saved money and yet wanted to give the best for the family. the way the mother always gave in to the kids and yet felt helpless. i dont have that many brothers and sisters as the show did, but if i did, i used to imagine that it’ll be just like that. under all the fights and quarrels, the biased decisions and punishments, lay the primal love they had for each others. i even remember the episode when lim kay tong wife died, everyone on the show cried. and so did i. and im not even a cry-er. the theme song just stuck to me. so even though others laugh at my choice in TV series, i really still felt something with Growing Up.

i wanted a compilation of this for my birthday last year, but, Mediacorp will obviously have superiority over whether it’ll give out CDs of this long running series. amazingly, they started putting it on TV recently, and i vowed to record every single episode of it. and i faithfully did so, until maybe the viewership became lower than miserable and then they changed the timeslot to some afternoon ones, which then i missed recording cos i found out too late.

i really really really want a compilation of that series. it’ll just mean so much to me that i have it cos i think it’s one worth keeping. its a piece of singapore’s past. just like how i’d like to have the chinese drama series on the bukit ho swee fires.

but i doubt many will remember that. i think its worth keeping. just as valuable as keeping our old dollar notes.

speaking of singapore dramas, i remembered mediacorp’s (then knows as TCS i think) attempt at creating our very own Singapore Superhero – The VR Man!!!!

i tried to find the original VR man on youtube, but apparently it was such a failure, no one even bothered to record it! it was that big a joke!

here’s the Noose version of the VR man. and yes, it was really that lame!

and the man behind the mask? actually supposed to be this guy called James Lye, which i guess only my generation ppl will remember. (not that im that old)

urgh… honestly? he kinda looks like doped guy…

a colleague reminded me of this talkshow he did with this other host, Loretta Alabons, but she seems to be off the chart cos i cant find her image at all! i guess maybe she got married and changed her surname…

the other thing that came up this week was the olden day comic book. i used to read the Beano. hung out in the library when i was in sec 1 and read the new editions week after week.

my favourites?

The Numbskulls.

Ivy the Terrible.

i tried to have a go at it yesterday at the sch library, and i found myself just flipping through the pages, trying to figure out how in the world i found The Beano funny in the first place!

other ppl just preferred reading The Archies though.

but if i must say what’s been the most nostalgic, i have to say its The OC. it had been a few years since the last season of The OC ended and i did ask for the series for my birthday last year. so when i did get The OC for my birthday last year, i was thrilled. but i didnt actually get the time to sit and watch it. until for some reason, the long weekend holidays this yr got me started on them recently. and living through my memories of watching The OC has been fantastic.

its this story abt ryan (the adopted kid, who fight with ppl who look down on him but still saves the day) who lives with this adopted (perfect) family who has a biological son, Seth (the almost useless kid) who has this secret crush on his childhood sweetheart, Summer (who doesnt even know he exists) until Ryan comes along and gets the attention of Summer’s best friend Marissa (the girl who overdosed on drugs, got drunk, almost got shot at, shot ryan’s brother, and still found time to be her high school’s ‘the-girl-to-be’. and eventually died on her graduation night with the drammatic car explosion behind ryan who was carrying her away)

ryan and marissa just had this want-to-be-with-each-other and yet couldnt ever decide what they want really wanted. and till the end i wanted them to eventually end up together. but watching this series the second time this time round, i have a different feel for it. and its nice to see flashbacks on how ppl grow up.

i just finished watching the final episode of the final season. the 92nd episode. and i just ended it with a smile. im so grateful i got to watch it all over again. 🙂 and the person i like the most now, is actually Summer (real name, Rachel Bilson A.K.A, the girl who acted in The Jumper). she was probably the most stable person, who character was most lovable and it felt like she really was just being herself.

anyway, i enjoyed compiling this and reliving my memories as i was doing this… i guess, memories are what make us feel what we feel isnt it…

here’s a short clip on the last couple of minutes of the 92th episode.

and my favourite line from The OC?

“they say no one is older than a high school senior, and no one younger than a college freshman”

miss that period, and you miss a whole deal of memories……..

Happy weekend everyone.


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