Photos from this week..

24 Apr

lets see…. my whole week in sch was pretty much the same as everyweek, but for once, i kinda wished that i still had the 5 days instead of a 4-day week cos i really still have quite a bit of things in need to settle with ppl….

but then came the 3-day weekend!

headed to ADEX 2011 on friday and boy was i EXCITED!!!! that must have been the most excited i had gotten in quite a while!! no matter how much i walked, i was just so excited knowing that im going to embark on this new section of my life! HEHE! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

see! still excited! lol!

didnt buy anything cos my friend said he’d come down on sunday, and then i could get advice from him on equipment to buy.

sat: went back to sch for sjab training mtg and atc 2011 mtg. and then after that headed to the beach. it was lovely watching the light beam from the planes cast bright light from behind the clouds. lovely. i love seeing planes land and take off..

as usual, watching the waves is just something i love doing…….

sunday was bad. felt sick and couldnt go for chek jawa for seagrass monitoring. sucks when you miss one of those…. in the afternoon, headed to ADEX again……. and check out what i bought for my self!!!

ScubaPro Marin 2 Mask..

ScubaPro Snorkle Pro

ScubaPro Snorkle Pro Open Heel… havent bought it yet. will get it in 2 weeks time.

got myself new booties and some rashguards and board shorts. 🙂

and guess what, i booked myself a trip for my dive course!


on the side lines,

check out what caused the power trip in my house this morning!

a mighty lizard that got itself electrocuted! HAHA! check out the head man! its hilariously disgusting!

and here’s a video of a bee that’s making the inside of my hall window its home!

and thats abt the pics i have for this week… and this is going to get me through next week! woo hoo!!! spent less than $1000 at ADEX! i feel good!

oh.. and in case i forget, here’s a reminder for me to NEVER stop on another bus lane during bus lane hours again!

thank goodness i was let off this time!

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Posted by on April 24, 2011 in i-Happy


One response to “Photos from this week..

  1. lilian

    May 1, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    i pity the lizard 😦 how did it get in there???


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