tomorrow never comes

05 Apr

so here we are, hoping that whatever we are going through will end soon.

but, thats rarely the case isnt it. one project down, two spring up…

recently, ive had like ‘signs from the heavenly clouds” telling me how to feel.

just a few minutes ago, ThingsWeForget posted that “Attitude is everything”

or a conversation with KC who said someone mentioned, “why run away?”

but fact remains the same. working till 10plus every night is bound to have a negative effect on my poor aging body! its just a matter of time till i fall miserably sick. and i dont want that to happen. cos, night study is starting soon. syllabus is almost completed and revision rigor is going to kick in. i got to be healthy! and find some laughter in life by seeing the epitome of dumbass-ness of some ppl increase every second.

but hey! positive thinking is whats impt right!!!! so, im looking forward to my diving trip and my aussie trip…….. and in between that, i still need to buy my diving camera…….. ive got my ducks in a row to look forward to!


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