7.13pm – i’m home

24 Mar

and the sky is still bright.

this week has been remarkable. i still cannot believe that its ONLY the FOUTH  day of the FIRST week on term 2.

i taught my 4NA maths geniuses how to psycho their minds into believing that everyday will be FANTASTIC! throughout this week, we’ve been using extremely positive words (awesome! marvellous! great!) and we say it in an ever so convincing manner, than it might actually work! and now, almost each time i see them, i have this earnest impetus to keep MY spirits up!

behind all that voodoo that im doing with my 4NA, getting through each day has been such a enriching experience. i’ve learnt so many things abt the way i feel abt things. and ive lost the feeling that i need to be diplomatic in my answers (not like ive been that diplomatic before, so you can imagine how low down ive gone).

so ive been focusing on getting through each day. though busy, i still admit i’d rather sit down and chat with students to see how they are doing…….. i knew the parent-teacher meeting was to be on friday. but today, i realised that friday was tomorrow! how amazing. im meeting new parents.

thru all the hustle and bustle over the sports fiesta happening this saturday, you know what made me really REALLY happy? TGG figured out his emotions over the s**t he experienced, i gave him a week to get over things, and after my IP he totally understood genetic diagrams. and when i hear him say, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”, i realise, thats why i still hang on to this job. he’s a good kid. i think all the kids are good kids. and thats why sometimes what we do is still worth it…

this week has been FANTASTIC!

(ps: i do needa psycho myself… ;p)


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2 responses to “7.13pm – i’m home

  1. BEE

    March 24, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    psycho me too 🙂

    • misspegasus

      March 24, 2011 at 8:29 pm

      haha…. i dont know how to reply you! haha….


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