an evening under the full moon

21 Mar

its one of those rare occasions that i get to be by the waterfront, with no agenda, and just stare at the waters and reflection of the lights…

it was the mosaic music festival 2011, and it was great standing by the semi-crowded outdoor stage watching artists just groove to the music…

kinda simple joy watching ppl enjoy music that they make, or their own interpretation of the music that they love…….. 🙂

and that was by a band with their new single. i think.

back outside, overlooking the moon which i didnt realise was a ‘supermoon’

its amazing how marina bay has changed since i was in sec sch…………… i remember how there were ‘breakwaters’ near millenia walk… i remember the scene when i stood at one of the back stairways of suntec and observed the 1997 haze was so blinding, i couldnt see far beyond very much…

today, the entire waterscape is just breathtaking……….

after dinner, we walked……… and here came the amazing moon which rose over the flyer………. we couldnt capture the shot well enough…. but still it was great!

so by now, as many of you might have read already, the moon was at its closest to earth in 18 years… such was the orbit. the closest to earth in 18 yrs, was a big thing. and its great that my colleague recorded a time lapse video of it.

dont quite know what the point of this post is………. just felt like saying that i was happy on saturday just cos i spent my evening by the waters……. 🙂

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