what’s scarier than a tsunami….

16 Mar

being away from news for the past few days, i realised yesterday there has been an explosion in a nuclear plant in japan.

this nuclear plant explosion is a crisis – far worse than a tsunami. the effects are long lived. though some radiation decays fast, others can last for many years. and i mean for thousands of years.. for example, plutonium takes over 24000 years to reduce to half the initial amount.

the radiation affects so many ppl.

this video is a compilation of the effects of children in areas hear chernobyl after the explosion in the nuclear plant there.

my cousin said its only been a leakage at the nuclear plant. apparently, the stuff that keep the nuclear things need to be kept at a constant temperature (he said, for example 240 deg cel). it needs to be constantly cooled to be kept at that constant temperature, otherwise, temperatures soar up to over thousands, and then the core containing the nuclear stuff will melt, and that WOULD BE THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN.

he says, as of now, it hasnt melted yet. they are desperately trying to cool the area or something………. so i hope, things dont get worse. as it is, Singapore is already monitoring radiation levels in the atmosphere here. and then the radio reports, no abnormal changes, i wonder why they must use the word ‘abnormal’……… this is worrying, and while i hope the effects arent too disasterous in japan, i think, there is little hope………

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Posted by on March 16, 2011 in i-Pray, i-Sad


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