my “ducks in a row”

15 Mar

ashton kutcher says it in one of his movies, “i’ll get my ducks in a row”…

here are my ‘ducks in a row’

1) get an underwater camera by may this year.

2) learn diving in june this year.

3) pick up dad’s DSLR and learn to capture nature shots – in dec this year.

4) study?

5) dive in the great barrier reef someday.

6) Visit forests of the world. (at least a few lah) someday. maybe… once a yr?

thats all for now…

really, would like to live in a world without restrictions and limitations. without the kind of things that’ll seat-belt you in a place. things like having the money to spend. like working to get the money…

maybe i could just work part time at various places. i dont know. i dont think im that type either. i think i just like the idea of it. but, hey, saving money is always a concern…

i’ll get my ducks in a row. at least the first 3 is in place to take place this year. even if none of my friends are interested in learning diving, i’ll still go. 😀 hehe………

“cheers to a world without boundaries”

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