when there’s three-quarters left to go…

10 Mar

its the end of term 1. i have 3 periods tmr, and i feel like just having a chat with my ‘children’ and the animal farm!

its been a ride. ive got camp from saturday to sunday, but am staying over on friday night cos the mgt team has things to prepare for the camp. friday = tmr, and i havent packed a thing.

today was prize giving day achievements day. i felt proud as i saw students i know go up to recieve awards. its a symbol of the sch’s recognition. to me, i felt proud. this year’s achievements day also marked some sort of an anniversary. i remember this conversation i had with my friends in NIE:

me: i wont leave teaching until i have gotten at least one award

them: what award you want? the presidents award ah! YOU??? aaaaaaahahahaha!!!!

me: i want at least the 5-yr long service award! at least! until then, i wont leave!

so today, as i recieved the award – it dawned upon me that i did reach an anniversary. but boy am i getting old. a student asked me if i’ll get a 10-yr / 15-yr long service award………. i replied, “errrrrrrr………. ”


it’s been an eventful first term. i saw this student i always argue with, cry. and it broke my heart, seeing him cry.

i saw another student fighting her emotions to keep back her tears. it still breaks my heart. sometimes i dont know how to help my cadets in their issues, and its still breaking my heart… sometimes i’d think of TBL and wish she was here so that we both to do something abt the issues together….. i wish she was here to settle this serious crisis that we are in. this crisis that can only be settled on sat morning……. i hope things go our way. either way, i’ll fight…

this march hols are going to be packed. not as much with sch work, but with personal work. there’s just so many things i need to do during this 1 week hols. i hope to disappear from sch on thurs and fri so that i have the time to settle my personal stuff. important. its gonna be hard, but, writing a paper once again is making me feel excited! hehe… lets see if i can get it almost complete within those 2 days!

its scary to think that a quarter of the year has passed. so soon. sometimes, time goes by so fast without you realising. i think i dont want to turn back one day and think that i should have done what ive always wanted to do. so……….. i have to try. and after speaking to that RJC girl, i think, it’s ok to fail. its ok if we dont always take the safe path. afterall, we can only do it while we are young. whats worse, is not even trying.


its weird…….. ive been on this page for quite a while, and i just cant seem to get my thoughts out in writing…….

hmmm…. well. i better get to sleep! otherwise, im going to be drained out over the weekend!


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