please hear our voices – keep the Jurong Line alive

24 Feb

was shocked to see on facebook that LTA is cutting through the jurong line to build a new road which only creates an extra line to reach IMM.

with so many hopefuls petitioning in hopes that the government will listen, im fearing the worst. seriously.

these railway lines are not just a part of history. its really an untouched part of Singapore. the lack of human traffic has made that entire stretch of line (both the jurong line and bt timah line) an haven for birds and natural vegetation.

NSS’s proposal for the Green Corridor includes the jurong line, and it is a great proposal. ive read it. conservation efforts and increasing public awareness on so many nature issues, using the track for nature guides, etc……….

seriously, we’ve gone on fine without a dent to that line, whats the need for an extra road to IMM?

someone who walked the jurong line 2 days ago found that work on removing the tracks has already begun!

10 digging up tracks

tracks on sunset way have already been removed.

and here i was hoping for july to come so that we can move ahead and do more things on establishing the green corridor!

and im angry that im helpless abt this.

this is a disaster. and i hope the govt sees the benefits of this. preserving natural heritage without spending much money seems kinda like a good deal.

here’s pics on my previous trip to the bt timah line.

i understand some people are in a mtg with LTA now – i hope they at least defer and reconsider.

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