Bird Watching on Sunday

21 Feb

i went on my virgin bird watching trip – officially joining a group of bird watchers – to dairy farm nature reserve yesterday. knowing i’m going to be one of the few with lesser-knowledge-than-amateurs, i was excited to learn whatever the experts taught. our guide, Kim Chuah, was very experienced.

he picked out all those bird calls when i couldnt even hear them. he even picked out the various bird calls among a cluster of bird calls! wow… ive learnt 2 bird calls. and learnt to identify 3 species of birds.

i only brought my sony compact camera and my bins – photos arent of the best quality since i used the camera eye piece through my bins and zoomed in to capture them.


this bird is called the Oriole.

these are pink necked pigeons

racket-tailed drongo. one of the calls ive learnt to identify cos its just so… obvious (now).

i think this next pic is the olive winged bulbul

a tiger shrike

an olive winged bulbul on the right side and a tiger shrike on the left.. it took me a while to even figure out that they were 2 DIFFERENT birds!

a woodpecker

other birds we saw were the crimson sunbird – its awesome crimson-red colour was really eye catching!

also saw the blue winged leaf bird, which had magnificent colours…… it took me a while to locate their venue on a huge tree far away……. we had to wait for movement, and believe me, these birds are quite to move!

also saw many bee eaters. the others actually saw the bee eaters going after insects. i didnt. i just saw them flying quite low down near the surface of the water.

then there was the blue throated kingfisher. really nice colours too.

and munias which were actually quite close to us on the shrubs and tall grasses, but, their movements were so quick and they were so sensitive to our movements, i just couldnt get a clean shot of them…

this is another bird, i cant remember what its called.

also learnt while chatting with Kim Chuah how ppl started getting called ‘kuku bird’ – this story of how the Kuku (cuckoo) parasites on the crow. laying its eggs on the crow’s nest, and when the eggs hatch, the crow takes care of them… (or something like that)

halfway through the walk, see what i spotted!

“i can see my house from here!!!”

the walk up was long and draining – having to keep your head up most of the time cos obviously thats where you find most birds.

we finally reached the quarry…….

check out how the group got right down to business – looking out for the tiniest movements in trees so that they can spot the birds!

and the view of course was fantastic!

we saw the common kingfisher (which is actually rarer than the blue throated kingfisher)

the exciting find for the day was the grey headed fish eagle…

of course we were all waiting for the eagle to fly off… and there did appear to be a couple of moments when we thought the bird was getting ready to launch! eventually it did – but only when we all packed up our equipment, ready to head back!

here are other flora and fauna that caught my eye..

i love this shot!

leaf footed bug, i think…

slender squirrel…

2 crickets – looks like one male and one female…?

apple snail (that black circular looking thing in the middle of the photo)

apple snail eggs

showing the stigma and anthers…….. beautiful colours..

i just LURVE seeing young ferns………. they make everything feel innocent and fresh…!

it was a great first experience…………….. i learnt so many things, it felt like i was going on a learning fieldtrip……

and i really enjoyed learning abt these things…….. its like, once you get involved in nature, you get addicted and slowly you’ll want to know everything associated to it………. 🙂

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One response to “Bird Watching on Sunday

  1. Silly Little Sheep

    March 28, 2014 at 4:45 am

    I love the photos, especially the snails and slugs, great animals 🙂


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