Pulau Semakau on Saturday

20 Feb

so semakau marked the start of a fantastic next 3 days… had been quite a while since i stepped foot on semakau and was eager to see whats new…

so off we went on the bumpy and slow 1 hour ride on the ferry to semakau.

rain clouds were heading in the direction of the site where we do our transects, and boy was it windy… but still, we went, hopeful, in the adventurous new van that NParks had on semakau island!

when we reached the site, we were graciously greeted by this heron what stood there, dazed.

tide was still high, and it was scary to step into the unknown thick hide of algae, worried abt stepping into stonefish, etc – but we did. here’s another pair working on site 2 transect 1. they had just started – and the water was already almost knee height. for my height, i went in above knee height!

there was live firing at this other island.

later that day, we heard an explosion on that island too..

it drizzled on and off for a while – but when there bright sunlight and high humidity, what follows next is a beautiful rainbow…

after a while, the whole rainbow formed up…

i wasnt far enough to capture the whole thing, but do check out the other blogs to see their pics.

after we finished out transects, we went on to explore as usual.

and the first creature we saw was a blue spotted stingray. so evasive it was that we couldnt get snapshot of it…

here are other creatures and corals..

a crab… (paddler crab?)

a dead clam

a huge sea cucumber

a hairy crab taking cover under a coral

blue sponges

more anemonies

and here’s the poster boy for “why seagrasses are important”. introducing…….. the crabbie…

it was a nice sight, when we saw the crab tear off the seagrass and put it into its mouth. initially we thought i was feeding on the epiphytes on the seagrass, but….. seemingly that wasnt the case.

once again, this defensive crab showing its bright red claw – this ferocious crab doesnt run away from what it thinks are predators! it runs towards them to show them who’s boss! haha…

this other tiny pink crab on the other hand, seemed harmless

here another sea cucumber

a nicely camouflaged shrimp… (a snapping shrimp? it does look like a claw is bigger than the other… not very sure though…)

here’s that white insect that we see ever so often skating on the surface of the water..

a snapshot of the oil refineries

acron worm casts – and the worm was still digging on for its foodie..

tide finally went out, but it was getting dark – we needed to head back..

saw wild pandan fruiting – my first time…

and when its dark – the mozzies come out..

here’s one feeding on Marcus’s palm…

check out its belly……….. euuuu

and one on my hand

and the swelling on it today.

on my way out – the 10 min trek through the dense forest saw more mozzies sucking my blood. 5 on my left arm and 4 on my right. blowing it off didnt work. their proboscis was really long and they held on pretty tight. i slapped one off, and saw my own blood instead!

reaching the dock at semakau after work is quite fulfilling..

looking forward to the next trip. and i hope i get to see more next time! 🙂

do visit this website by RMBR to find out more abt the organisms you can find on semakau.

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