the kind of things im anal about…

13 Feb

i rarely have the time to eat a slice of bread in the morning. and on sundays if i do ever wake up before 12pm, i usually eat one. we use the same margarine spreader for nutella and peanut butter. but i only eat margarine and i realise im quite anal abt having a clean spreader for my choice of spread so that my spread isnt contaminated with another spread that i dont want on my ONE slice of bread. so when i find chocolate left overs on the spreader, i go, “arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!” that inspired this post, on the kind of things im anal about…

that’s no 1.

no 2.

i cannot stand ppl making munching noises when they eat. its like, for goodness sake, please close your mouth cos i dont want to see whats inside your mouth. i know, this is just ME. and i know that many ppl feel they can savour the taste of their food if they chew open-mouthedly. of like in some countries, its considered a good show of how much you appreciate their food. but for ME, chewing with munching sound, slurping your coffee/tea/noodles irritates the crap out of me. urgh!!!

no 3.

boy am i glad i use my own toothpaste. because, (for God knows why) even though im the messiest person ive ever known, i still want my toothpaste squeezed from bottom to the top. and not from the middle to anywhere. yes. im very anal abt this. cos the rest of my family squeezes in any manner. but i just want it squeezed from bottom to the top.

no 4.

i hate when ppl think they know me. i just hate it. i can take a little joke or a short humour. but when ppl put their hands down and say i wont be able to to something or that i will do something, i feel like my head will burst and i feel like yelling at them in all the curse words i know. because how can SOMEONE ELSE know what i can and cant do? and alot of the times i wonder why i even let it get to me, cos i dont need to give a shit abt what someone else thinks… but yes, it does bother me. and hence, my need to outburst and yet i sometimes dont. i HATE ppl telling me what they think i can or cant do. like my colleague who said i wont pass my driving. how the hell would he know… argh! thinking abt it still makes me feel like sticking a stick up his arse. (pardon my language) – yes, i am very anal abt ppl assuming they know me. i just HATE IT!

i cant think of anything else much… so if i do, i’ll update this post.

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