my first indian classical music concert

06 Feb

the tics were only at $15, so i thought why not go right? not that i know exactly how to understand the classic karnatic music, but there was barathanatyam dance too, and i love seeing the intricacies of the traditional indian dance. and i must say i enjoyed almost every bit of it at Vasantham Sangeetha Vizha.

but like how in every movie, there’s always that a-hole who’ll forget to switch off his mobile phone that will ring at the most quietly intense part of the movie and break the concentration of the entire lot of irritated movie watchers. like how there’s always that ‘the-whole-world-owes-me-a-living” guy who will munch on his potato chips oblivious to the crunching noise, thinking his mouth was actually sound-proof. or that family who, unable to find a baby-sitter for their kid, bring the kid to the movie just to end up explaining every single part of the sequence to that obviously young kid.

so you see, i consider myself a classical music illiterate and i most certainly respect those who learn and involve themselves in classical music because it takes alot of discipline to attain a certain status in that field. but it really really really irritated the faeces out of me when a family seated one row behind me started doing that rhythmic fore-palm and back-palm clap which they tried to sync with the musical beat. i tried to control myself, thinking that i was afterall a musical-illiterate compared to them. but after a while, it just got too (WAY TOO) irritating. my mom lost her temper and told them that she was there to hear the big-shots in music play at their best, not to hear the back row clap.


anyway, i told myself  not to take a videos cos we arent supposed to do that in the esplanade concert hall. i really really tried.

kudos to the world-renowned performers who played, as well as the teenagers who trained under these musical gurus. i was really impressed and humbled and honoured that i got to watch at least 1 indian classical music concert in Singapore… it really was a special privilege to have these talented ppl from India perform for the Singaporean audience..

Violinist – Ganesh & Kumaresh

Gatam specialist  – Vikku Vinayakaram

Bharatanatayam – Alarmel Valli

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