T1W4 two thousand and eleven updates

31 Jan

its great looking forward to a 2-day work week starting in a few hours time. whats great is also that i have 13 periods in total over just these 2 days which means, im at least seeing half of my periods. so less need to make up… whats just as great is that ive finished marking half the stack that i brought home over the weekend. what sucks is that i still have half more. and a lesson plan which i havent started on.

so what happened this week the last 10 days?

lets see, the kids were training everyday for the IFAC that happened yesterday. i was so looking forward to it, not sure the kids felt the same though… but, i think they need to understand the point that competitions are there for a reason. sec sch life really should not just be able studies and studies alone. thats really quite a sad thing in this day and time. fun is one thing. but learning responsibility is another. i need to have that talk…

what else? scratched my head over budget constraints.

started on my first lesson plan in over a year.

submitted my LNA, with needs that i really need, but im pretty sure will not be approved, because of reasons i’ll never fully comprehend.

started running and exercising again. should go back to the less carbo diet soon. but seriously giving lipo a thought… i mean, why not? millions of them do it anyway right?

wondered why bio results were going down the drain. seriously, each year, we do more than what we do for the previous year. yet results went down. after some time, it casts doubts on our capability. but really, we expected better. and so did the students. what can we do????? is it time to close down bio? seems like a timely change, time to leave perhaps? especially when ppl ask whether we really did our best for the students. i mean… how can we not have given our best?

and then, we had this thing where we had to think abt our teaching philosophy……. hey… that inspired a whole new blog post, which i dont have the mood to start on…

over these 10 days, i also became a twilight fan. and have now finally watched all the 3 movies. but one of the ex-students just destroyed my image of edward cullen by saying, “he’s an angel because he lives in the forest, flies and shines under light”! hahahaha!!! and ive never seen cullen in the same way after that! ROFLOL!

over the week, the posting results were also out. some wondered why i was so anxious for the results. naturally so because i dont know… i just want to know where my babies will go. after this, perhaps, the anxiousness and excitement will wear off. they have embarked on the next phase which leads them straight into adulthood. maturity will develop and they’ll probably end up doing bigger things than i ever did… haha..

my primary sch kids on the other hand, just got scolded by their 2 mentors several times over the last 1o days. i should probably keep a track record! sigh………… is it actually possible that 1G ’06 is better than 1A ’11? and here i was thinking i’d have less issues.. it probably was a batch thing. the 2006 sec 1s were really something… really. no other batch has since resembled them, at least for me.

i also find it weird that im not looking at my blog every single day, like i used to. its just weird… just that, sometimes, i really just have nothing to record down.

oh! btw, my cousin finally settled into our house. and its great having him around cos at least there’s one extra person at home we can talk to… he’s still not used to the singaporean way of life. apparently, work is hectic. and he wonders why a singapore teacher has so much work to do when he feels that teachers are a joke where he comes from. its sad. and its sad that i cant expect a foreigner to realise the importance of education to singapore teachers when even singaporeans dont understand what teaching is abt…

but hey, im not starting a debate on this.

anyway, its 1215am, and tomorrow is my 7 period day. i have yet to set the 3-D test that i was supposed to give 4NA tmr. got to cook something out tmr!

good night world!

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