Plinky: One Hour in a Time Machine

11 Jan

i would like to go back to the time when my parents were still smiling at each other.. it must have been a special time….. probably the days after they got married and went on their honeymoon… maybe those times when both of them looked at the foetus version of me. or the time when i finally popped out. when nothing else mattered to them but the sheer joy of seeing their first born healthy and normal.. i guess it’ll be nice to see them turn to each other and smile. and if possible, i’d like to bring my parents with me in the time machine for them to relive those moments that have been long forgotten. i long to see my parents happy (with each other) again……..

i would want to see how/when/why i die and who i have beside me when i die….. its such a painful way to die when you dont have someone close beside you when you pass on. i want to know who’ll be with me when i die. (or if i’d even be with someone when i die)

but i’d also want to know how i lived – so possibly also to the time before i die, where i get to see the person i’d been with for the next few decades of my life – guess thats quite scary to know. whether i had lived my life in vain or with meaning.

i would love to see the evolution of life on earth – fast forwarded of course….. nahhhh, i guess an hour isnt enough. i’d just like to spend the hour with darwin when he figured out how species evolved. tag along with him on his travels in the galapagos. or spend some time with jane goodall in her younger days when she went on her chimp expeditions.

i believe the Mahabharata happened. i’d reeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy want to be there at that time when Lord Krishna spoke to Arjunan abt EVERYTHING. the time when Arjunan doubted the sanity of attacking his own kin and kith. and then i’d be there, at the birth of the Bhagavat Gita. that would really really really be a blessing. a real blessing. really.

so an hour wouldnt be enough to see everything i want to see, so i guess on the 59th minute of my time travel, i’d go back to the time where i get an hour with the time machine! haha!

those who have been following my blog might have expected me to want to go back to this time… but, i seem to have gotten past that. i think its about time anyway. its been a long time and i think, once you’ve decided, its no point wanting to relive something that wouldnt work out anyway…….. ha… interesting that i’d come to this conclusion after a decade.

so……. an hour in the time machine, and there’s nothing that i’ll want to relive in my own life? i guess that means i havent hit the kinda high that others have in their lives. and thats something im missing out on…. hmm….

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