Term 1 Week 1 Day 2 updates

05 Jan

“V, we are making a change in the inauguration ceremony plan”

“V, how do i pack the prizes for sec 1 orientation”

“V, so are we going to book that trip for the 4NT?”

“V, what is the budget for dinner that night?”

“V, where’s the HOM file? i cant find it.”

“V, i cant trace the file you put in my thumb drive, where did you put it?”  (ps, it was right there!)

“V, the file cant be opened, is the TA around? should i get my own laptop here?”

“V, the program is running late, we’ll delay over an hour”

“V, i updated O abt the prog that we run, so now he knows more.”

“V, does Z need help with thursday?”

“V, the pre camp lesson is settled. so we will give this out for next week.”

“V, i cant be there for inauguration rehearsal”

“V, shall we book this slot for 4NA too?”

“V, has the money been transferred?”

“V, i didnt recieve the money”

“V, explain to the parent how this girl got injured.”

“V, do we need to be around?”

“V, who do we submit this to?”

“V, how much budget do we have?”

“V, what time is the cca talk?”

“V, can i have the final numbers for the food?”

“V, how many going for the talk?”



apparently, ive been quite useful today. *smiling with all 32 teeth minus 4 extracted teeth and 3 ungrown wisdom teeth showing*


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