and hence the birth of The Pek-Cek-Face Year

04 Jan

it was quite a weird feeling walking into a hall of primary school kids. i hardly had time to react to the feeling of not standing in front of a class of my babies… that busy i was. placing class signages, bringing stacks of papers to be given. mentally preparing what i needed to tell the primary school kids. oh, and i forgot to mention that i was still irritated abt the fact that i had to wake up before the sun came out again. so i guess it isnt too surprising that when i saw my primary sch kids today, the first thought that went through my head was, “whatever lah. they are all the same”

and then it dawned upon. i was feeling pek cek. and then i decided i will give my class the pek cek face,  just because i feel like feeling pek cek.

The Pek-Cek-Face is not an easy thing to achieve. first of all, you got to think of all the sh*t that has come your way, and feel like, “hiyah whatever lah” and then that feeling has to be tenderly developed. like when you are feeling like “hiyah whatever lah” and then somebody comes to bug you conscientiously for something so minute that even a 5 year old can settle himself. and then you say, “leave me alone man!” but thats not enough, a third person has to come at that time, and tell you that something you did needs to be changed in really meaningless ways and you wonder if changing the font type/aligning the paragraphs/using bullet points and numbers/underlining/bolding/italicising/bordering makes any real significant impact in the whole universe galaxy of things. and then you feel like shooting a bullet through the heads of everyone within a 10km radius around you, but then you cant cos you’ll be hung/poisoned/electricuted. and so you feel like, “get off my back man!!!”

ahhh… that face you get when you feel like that is called The Pek-Cek-Face. code named TPCF.

so, this only applies to my new class of primary sch kids cos obviously my other classes know i can hardly sustain TPCF for a long enough time right, unless im really feeling PC. but it’ll be fun to see what my theme this year will result in! either they’ll really hate biology or they’ll study real hard in hopes of making my PCF disappear! we’ll see what happens.

on the whole, day 1 went pretty fine. at abt 5pm today, i wondered if i had reached december 2011 yet…. but hey, like i told DC positively, we are already on week 1, we only have 51 weeks left! we are on the move…….!!!!

*smiling with all 32 teeth minus 4 extracted teeth minus 3 ungrown wisdom teeth showing*

what am i looking forward to? the CUG camp… cant wait for it. i only hope the turnout will be fine.. otherwise………… it’ll end up being a joke!

this is the girl with TPCF signing off,


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