2011 means….

03 Jan

well… i’ll be meeting my babies after a hiatus… which sounds rather dramatic, but hey.. 😉 the only problem is that i’ll be mtg them under very stressful situations. with the recent N level results, which resulted in not as many A1s as i expected, and those capable of getting distinctions ending up with B3s, ive decided to expect that when it comes to national exams, nothing expected happens. so, why bother expecting. or setting expectations for that matter. pity the kids. those who worked hard the whole year also end up with A2. those who worked hard only for the last month also A2. innate intelligence?

the new sec 1s that i’ll be mentoring…………. errrrrrrr………… honestly, after having a bunch of ‘almost-adults’ babies, its been a luxury being able to sms someone and tell that person to settle something, and rest peacefully knowing it’ll be done. with primary sch kids (i mean the new sec 1s), argh…. now i’ll have to ‘teach’ them how to work. maybe even handhold for a while… for a class that i’ll only mentor for ONE YEAR!! (ok ok, better not write too much! im hoping by the time they find this blog, this post will be outta sight!!!)

2011 also means, that i’ll have 2 maths classes after 2 yrs of having only 1 class. but its ok. i’ll be better this year.

and when the break finally comes, i’ll be having a full break because i didnt have a proper one this year. im not going to give up my holiday for anything so…. here comes 3 overseas trips this june, including one working trip…. hehehe… and thats to hold me up for whats coming after!

ahem.  coughfirecoughfightingcough.

2nd semester 2011 will be even more disasterous than 2010. you know why? well……. because i’ll have to make sure Cockroach’s class does well for N level maths. otherwise, this compulsory subject that will be counted in their scoring will drag them down. (hmmmm or maybe i should just let them be. and only those who deserve will come back in 2012!) with their minuscule brain cells which harbor almost close to just 0.01% of intelligence, i’ll have to try my very best to get them thru N levels… no lah, they arent all that bad.. im sure when the time comes, they’ll work really hard. and it helps that they HAVE to consider maths in their counting. hehe..

and then that is over, i got to settle the O level bio kids of which half will probably be disasterous………….. and then, ive learnt not to expect A1s. so, i guess i shall be satisfied with the A2s… pity the kids.. even they expected better results..

anyway, afterthat, i think i’ll be too tired to continue, so i shall resign from the service.

ahhhhhhhh…………… nahhhhh……….. just kidding. or am i? hmmmmmm…………..

it’s also the year ksj will be without the person who has been with ksj over 12 yrs. and it means, i gotta get it going.. i must. i have to. i will. cos i enjoy my cadets and seeing what they become… 🙂

2011 means i want to see a better me.

i was watching the brief 1 hr show on william and kate’s engagement. and there, someone spoke abt kate saying something to the effect of “she never complains. she just does. silent confidence.”

that struck a chord in me. and then i told myself, what’s complaining going to do? it neither alleviates my pain nor gets rid of the problem. so, im gonna do this. each time i feel like complaining next year, i’ll just SHUTTUP. thats the plan. so if you see me keeping quiet, it simply means i just DONT WANNA TALK ABT IT! *smiley face with all 32 teeth minus 4 extracted teeth minus 3 ungrown wisdom teeth showing*

that done, im gonna pick up a new hobby…. bird watching. AT will of course interpret that in the wrongest and most pornographic way possible! but hey, its a difficult hobby to pick up! its a ridiculously hideous task to first find those small birds hiding in the thick canopy of the trees, and after that, ID them. but ive got my new $400 bins, and im using it to explore nature, and that makes me soooo so happy!

oh, 2011 also means my cousin from india will be living with us for a year. he’s landed a job in an MNC here….. so, that’s great for him. we’ll love to take care of him cos we’ve all got a soft spot for him. 😀

ive not planned for 2011 dec’s holiday. i guess that will be a little over the top for me to plan my holiday 1 year in advance. though… hmmm…

oh.. guess what… i’ll have to get up for sch in 6 hrs time…. and the cycle begins again.. 🙂 *smiling with all 32 teeth minus 4 extracted teeth and 3 ungrown wisdom teeth showing*

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