long long ago, in the western province of Singapore

11 Dec

there lived a girl who dreamt and dreamt and dreamt of the day she could walk out of the door, get into a car, get to work, work. get into the car, get back home………

today, i finally experienced what that really means……..

i followed my dad’s car to sch today, cos i didnt dare to go without any form of guidance. so he drove in front of my for a while, and then i drove ahead of him with him on my tail. and then he left when i was 1 traffic light away from sch. yes, i am not confident of my own driving ability. that an effect of being so dependant on an instructor…

brought my cadets to HQ for ZPN, brought them back to sch. took some stuff from sj room, and brought it down to my car. and boy, was it a great feeling to finally open that back door, put those 2 huge bags in, drive out of the gate and wait for the kids to clear. and when all was done, to get back into the car and drive back home. in the comfort of air con. music. a seat. you dont need to carry heavy things around. you could talk to yourself and no one will even care. you can hum a tune. you can sing along. who cares if you are tone-deaf…. you could shake your head along with the music. you could turn up or down the temperature. who cares… its your car!

believe me……… for at least 5 yrs, ive been waiting for this day to come. it finally came.

i hope i’ll grow more confident of my driving ability. not over confident, but confident. i dont want to be a road hazard to other ppl. i’ll drive safely…….. but more importantly, i need to learn how to park backside in!

cheers everyone. today im happy ive finally realised a dream ive had for quite a while…..

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Posted by on December 11, 2010 in i-Drive, i-Happy


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